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Genie GIFT-1 / GIFTD-1BL Mini Garage Door Opener Intellicode Remote Transmitter with LED Flashlight 35657R

Genie GIFT-1 / GIFTD-1BL Mini Garage Door Opener Intellicode Remote Transmitter with LED Flashlight 35657R
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This item is discontinued.
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GENIE GL2T-BX 2-Button Remote w/LED Flashlight
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Product Description

With the Genie GIFT-1/GIFTD-1BL Mini Garage Door Opener IntelliCode Remote Transmitter with LED Flashlight from North Shore Commercial Door, you can control your garage wirelessly. The code is changed each time you use it for safety. The device is small and has numerous compatible models. The website offers answers to any question you might have from staff or other customers satisfied with the Genie remote.

Features include:

•IntelliCode technology changes signal after each use for better security

•Long battery life & extended range

•Small size is convenient for pocket or purse

•Flashlight adds convenience

The 1-Button Remote Control Includes:

•Visor clip

•Keychain attachment

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Ask a Question
COMMENT: Needed a new one. by melina l 3/2/2015
COMMENT: ease of handling by Ron G 1/26/2015
QUESTION: Is this remote waterproof? Would it be ruined if caught in a rainstorm while hanging from my keychain on my motorcycle? by R D 8/15/2014
QUESTION: compatible with acsctg type1 ? by c d 6/24/2014
STAFF ANSWER: YEs by Matthew O a
QUESTION: will this remote work with my Genie Pro 88 opener with the "black-box" located next to it ? by Scott H 2/4/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Can you give us the details of the black box next to it? by Matthew O a
REPLY: it is a receiver model ACSR3G type ERY from Genie company...thank you by Scott H r
STAFF REPLY: Then, yes the ire mote will work. by Matthew O r
QUESTION: I used to have a genie garage door opener very similar to this one but all gray. The button gets messed up when carrying it around in my purse. what is the difference between this and the old one? by Beatriz V 12/17/2013
STAFF ANSWER: The Gray vs Gray/White is just more compatibility with the Genie Garage door openers. You may want to look at the G1T-BX. It is about the same size and can be used as a key chain or a visor style remote. It is all black and has a plastic button that will now wear like the old rubber one. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: Don't know about the all gray one. On this unit, the one I purchased the longer gray button open and closes the door. It works great.<br /><br />The red button is the LED flashlight. I did have one minor problem with the flashlight, I think I turned it on once either by accident or by mistake. It went back into the drawer without my notice. Needless to say the batteries died before I caught it.<br /><br />I think this was a fluke since it's worked fine ever since. Perhaps future models could incorporate a 10 minute automatic shut off.<br /><br />Good luck, by George B a
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