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Genie GSTB-BX Safety Beam Set 37220R

Genie GSTB-BX Safety Beam Set 37220R
Genie GSTB-BX Safety Beam Set 37220R
Genie GSTB-BX Safety Beam Set 37220R
Genie GSTB-BX Safety Beam Set 37220R
Genie GSTB-BX Safety Beam Set 37220R
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Genie GSTB-BX Safety Beam Set 37220R
Genie GSTB-BX Safety Beam Set 37220R
Product Description
If reliability and safety are important to you, make sure you choose the Genie GSTB-BX from North Shore Commercial Door as your new garage door opener Safety Beams. The GSTB-BX Safety Beams Feature a refined beam and circular lens to eliminate false reversals that prevent the door from closing. The circuitry in these safety beams have a conformal coating which prevents damage from debris or moisture in your garage. With the Safe-T-Beam system, it's a great choice for your home. Find out more in our helpful Questions app below.

  • Compatible with Genie garage door openers manufactured in or after 2005
  • Refined Beam to prevent the door from reversing falsely
  • Circular Lens to protect the interior of the beam
  • Conformal Coating on the circuitry to prevent damage from moisture or debris
  • Replaces the following models: STB-BL, Genie 20374TS, Genie 36188R
  • Safe-T-Beam continual infrared beam stops garage door for added protection
  • Includes brackets, screws, sensors and instructions
  • Part number: 27220R
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: Existing Safety beams were damaged due to a lightning strike. by Timothy C 8/20/2017
COMMENT: not working by William P 7/19/2017
QUESTION: I have Genie Intellicode sensor # 3809 3 S will it work ? by Harold W 8/4/2016
ANSWER: Yes they work no problem that I know of. by Lee A a
QUESTION: I have a Legacy opener. Door will only close by holding down keypad. Safety beam light is flashing. Do I need new safety beam or new keypad? by james r 7/28/2016
ANSWER: The same thing happened to me and I replaced the safety beams but that does not mean your problem is the same. make sure the door is working properly without the opener and then go thru process of elimination.<br />Safety is key .. by Frank L a
ANSWER: I have worked on genie openers before that the red led eye flashes and they still work without holding the wall button. If the red led eye is flashing if it does not see the green led eye. Make sure the green led eye is lit if it is not check the wiring by Ronald J a
ANSWER: Safety beam replacement by Philip P a
QUESTION: I have Odossy 1000T garage door. Can I replace the sensors with the Genie GSTB-BX safety Beam set 37220R? by None N 7/3/2016
ANSWER: Yes ! Just have to connect wires to the old plugs if new connectors don't fit. by jJoseph A a
QUESTION: What is the bracket length? by None N 2/15/2016
STAFF ANSWER: 2.5'' by Taylor M a
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