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Genie Compatible 9/12 Switch Garage Door Opener

Genie Compatible 9/12 Switch Garage Door Opener
Genie Compatible 9/12 Switch Garage Door Opener
Genie Compatible 9/12 Switch Garage Door Opener
Genie Compatible 9/12 Switch Garage Door Opener
Genie Compatible 9/12 Switch Garage Door Opener
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This item is discontinued.
Please view this replacement item:
North Shore Commercial Door NSCD-390GV1 Garage Door Remote
Please view this replacement item:
Product Description
The Genie GT912 is no longer available. The North Shore Commercial Door NSCD-390GV1 is a compatible remote that works the same as the original. When you place your order on this page we will send the North Shore Commercial Door branded remote as a direct replacement product.

The Genie GT912-1BL for 390MHz frequency garage door opener is no longer being manufactured. Go to North Shore Commercial Door for more information in the Q&A section.

Instructions for Heddolf G220 Remote:

  1. Remove the transmitter cover. Remove the access cover from the front of the transmitter by sliding the cover away from the top of the transmitter (Figure A). This will expose the battery and the dip switches. The code can now be changed using a small screwdriver.
  2. Setting the code. You may set your transmitter to any code you desire, but be sure the code you set matches on both your transmitter & receiver.

For some receivers which have only 9 dip switches, it will be necessary for you to move the small black code terminal to connect with pins 2 & 3. For the 9 dip switch model receivers, the code selection of the dip switches on your transmitter 1 thru 9 should be set exactly the same as those on your receiver and switches 10, 11, 12 on the transmitter should be set in the off position.

Do not set all switches in the same position, such as all ON or all OFF (Figure B).

WARNING: No other adjustments should be made inside the transmitter.

Now that you have selected your personal code, replace the transmitter cover.

Heddolf G220 Remote: Instructions
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: I hope it works; what will I do if it does not work\? by Barie F 10/8/2017
COMMENT: need a replacement. saw this on the internet. ad was clear so I decided to give it a try.<br />if doesn't work will send back for replacement. by rich w 10/6/2017
QUESTION: I have a genie model 12A frequency 390 will this remote work? by H M 10/5/2017
ANSWER: Yes, works like a charm. I previously had the same discontinued model opener. Haven't had any problems. by V A a
QUESTION: Is this the replacement for the GT90-1? by Christy S 6/6/2017
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it is. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Will this remote work with genie GT 90-1? by Raj K 1/9/2017
ANSWER: No it does not work with that Genie by Kelly M a
ANSWER: It worked for me, & is still working s few years later. by Connie S a
QUESTION: I have an old Genie Intellicode transmitter Model ACSGT that doesn't work any more. My system is a Genie Pro Max Chain Drive Garage door operator. Will the replacement for the 912 work on my 20 year old system? by Dana B 11/16/2016
ANSWER: I have the same old one as you. The new one works fine. Just make sure you follow instructions and put switches to correct settings. by Clyde K a
STAFF ANSWER: Hello,<br /><br />If you have an intellicode system I highly recommend the NSCD-390GIV4 by Taylor M a
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