Genie Circuit Boards

North Shore is your one-stop shop for low prices on Genie circuit boards! Circuit boards control most of a garage door openers operation- from the power to the range of the remotes- so it is a common part to inspect when your opener is malfunctioning. Don't sweat it if your circuit board is not working properly, instead of replacing your entire garage door opener, you can save valuable time and money and replace just the circuit board.

Please note that depending on your garage door opener model, the terms for the board can differ. The replacement board may be called a circuit, sequencer, receiver, control, or motor drive board. See the detailed descriptions of the products to make sure you get the right circuit board for your model garage door opener. 

Genie Company traditionally updates and changes the model numbers on its products which can lead to some confusion. If you are not sure about the compatibility of a receiver or circuit board with your device, you can call Genie Company technical support to get the correct model number for the internal receiver board that is best suited for your device. After you get this model number, you can enter it into the search field at the North Shore Commercial Door Co. website to purchase the board.

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