Genie 35674R Garage Door Opener UNIVERSAL "Wired" Keypad KEP-1

Genie 35674R Garage Door Opener UNIVERSAL "Wired" Keypad KEP-1
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This item is discontinued.
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Domino Engineering GD-1 Universal Garage Door Opener Wired Keypad
This item is discontinued. Please view this replacement item:
Product Description
The Genie 35674R universal garage door operator entry keypad from North Shore Commercial Door is compatible with all major garage door opener brands. This versatile Genie wired garage door keypad kit includes the wired keypad, wiring, receiver, fasteners, wall transformer and installation instructions. Those instructions will illustrate how to connect the Genie wired keypad to the push-button terminals on your residential garage door opener.

Wired entry keypads can be installed as the sole access product to control your residential garage door without keys or remotes. Replace a worn or damaged keypad entry system with a universal Genie keypad that can be much less expensive than another brand. Or, add this keypad entry system as an extra way to open or close a garage door for family members or workers without access to your remote control transmitter to enter or close a garage door.

When installing the system, you will have to make sure the notch on the signal tail of the code pad is installed next to the program switch when plugged in. If the notch is installed facing away from the program switch when plugged in, the device will appear to operate properly, but security codes will not be stored correctly. We're an authorized Genie retailer, so contact our knowledgeable staff with any questions about Genie openers, parts and accessories.

Product Highlights:

  • 35674R
  • Universal: compatible with all garage door opener brands
  • Control garage door action without keys, remotes
  • Easy to install (wire into operator push-button terminals)
  • Includes receiver, transformer, keypad
  • Includes wiring, fasteners, installation instructions
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COMMENT: I have one on my other house. Best garage door opener ever. by Greg H 9/20/2014
COMMENT: Replacement parts by Stevan T 8/8/2014
QUESTION: Door only goes up about 3inches and then stops. Push button again and it goes back down. Acts like a spring might be broken. What is wrong? by None N 5/27/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Sounds like safety beam issue by Taylor M a
QUESTION: how to program garage door opener keypad without a enter button? by None N 3/7/2016
ANSWER: You'll need to set the control board to "set" position. Then enter your new code and finish/save the code by pressing the "*" button once. Switch the control board to "run". Enter your programmed code followed by the "*" button. Garage door should operate now. by Marius B a
QUESTION: How to change the code? by Char E 3/2/2016
ANSWER: You remove the cover on the control box by squeezing the two long sides to release the restraining tabs and pulling the cover off. In the picture of the controller on this page there is a black slide switch in the lower right corner of the circuit board. That switch has two positions - SET and RUN. Slide the switch to SET. Type the five digit code that you wish to use and then the STAR key. Then move the black slide switch back to the RUN position. Then try you code - it should activate the door. Replace the cover and you are done. by Richard B a
ANSWER: set program switch to set<br />press series of numbers for your code<br />press * button ONCE if pressed more than once it will erase your code<br />Move the program switch button to run<br /><br />Test your code as follows<br />press the * - unit should not operate<br />enter any code not your own followed by * - unit should not operate<br />enter your code followed by * - Unit should operate by Frank G a
QUESTION: i put in new battery i need to reprogram pad? by Tom D 12/3/2015
ANSWER: The Genire site has support manuals online for all their devices. Go to their site, support, and download your device's manual. I have the link but North Shore's site doesn't allow links in these messages. It's easy to find. You can also put in your product ID and "operations manual?" and you'll find it too. Follow the instructions eactly and it works, easy to do but make sure you do the steps exactly as outlined or it doesn't work. by Stevan T a
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