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Genie Intellicode GIT390-4 Mini keychain Garage Door Opener Remote

Genie Intellicode GIT390-4 Mini keychain Garage Door Opener Remote
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This item is discontinued.
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GENIE GL2T-BX 2-Button Remote w/LED Flashlight
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Product Description

The Genie IntelliCode GIT390-4 Mini Keychain Garage Door Opener Remote has been replaced on North Shore Commercial Door with the Genie G3T-BX IntelliCode 3-Button Garage Door Remote. This Genie keychain garage door opener is compact and easy to carry. It is compatible with the Genie IntelliCode and Overhead Door CodeDodger. The dual frequency sends signal to 390MHz and 315MHz for as many as three garage doors.

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COMMENT: Wanted door opener for my keychain for my Overhead Garage Door by Charles D 8/4/2015
COMMENT: You had what I needed and the shipping was reasonable. by Laura W 3/18/2014
QUESTION: I wouldlike to order 6 of these remote garage openers please. <br />can you help me order them? by None N 9/20/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Yes please call us at 800-783-6112 and we will help you. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I have a ACSCTG Type 2 remote and I am looking for a keychain version for use with my motorcycle. Will this one work? by None N 8/2/2014
STAFF ANSWER: The G1T-BX or the G3T-BX are both usable for your ACSCTG system. If riding a motorcycle the G1T-BX may be a better option, by Matthew O a
QUESTION: we have an old opener with one button which we are trying to replace because the rubber center is worn and is difficult to use...where can we find the same or what do we do? by charles z 5/21/2014
ANSWER: I ordered this same door opener, and they sent me a different one, but it was still compatible with my door. by Julie M a
STAFF ANSWER: You can use the Genie G1T-BX Remote model by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Which mini keychain remote should i buy for my Genie Pro Stealth garage opener? by keith h 1/21/2014
STAFF ANSWER: You will want the new G1T-BX keychain remote. It also doubles as a visor style remote by Matthew O a
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