Genie MAT90 Remote Garage Door Mini Transmitter 390GED21K

Genie MAT90 Remote Garage Door Mini Transmitter 390GED21K
Item# genie-mat90-remote-garage-door-mini-transmitt
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Genie MAT90 Remote Garage Door Mini Transmitter 390GED21K
Genie MAT90 Remote Garage Door Mini Transmitter 390GED21K
Product Description

North Shore Commercial Door has the Genie MAT90 Remote Garage Door Mini Transmitter 390GED21K. Its size makes it ideal for a motorcycle garage door opener. Testimonials for the Genie MAT90 and answers to your questions are available on the website question and answer section. It has the following features:

1 button transmitter for Genie non-IntelliCode garage door openers .

One channel transmitter for operation of one garage door opener.

12 Dip Switches for Genie 12 bit systems .

Mini key chain size remote.

Great for purse or motorcycle use.

Battery and key ring included.

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COMMENT: it fits my needs by Myron B 8/28/2017
COMMENT: Replacement for the 912 that fits on a keychain by George M 7/19/2017
QUESTION: can Genie MAT90 Remote Garage Door Mini Transmitter 390GED21K operate blue max remote model ct90 Freq:390 both have 12 dip switches? by None N 10/6/2017
QUESTION: how hard is this to program? by None N 12/30/2016
ANSWER: It is extremely easy - just open to get to 12 switches on new and old unit and set them on new unit to match old unit. by Joe P a
ANSWER: Not hard at all! Very easy by Lanita D a
ANSWER: This is very easy to program. This has 12 pins that need to be moved up or down to match the pin setting on your garage device. It takes less than a minute. You can use a pen to move the pins. by Henry M a
ANSWER: It is not hard at all! In fact it is Very easy to program. by Barbara C a
ANSWER: It's very easy to program -- as long as your door code has the same number of switches as this opener 12. Basically you use a small screwdriver to open it up, set the switches based on your door code, and close it back up. Five minutes, tops! by Carissa D a
ANSWER: No, check the code on the garage door opener by taking off the cover. The code is a on-off switch type. Open the transmitter and match the codes. by George S a
ANSWER: Not hard. Most of the several minutes that it takes is spent reading the instructions. by Rod D a
ANSWER: takes about one minute as long as you know the code on your door. We now go in and out of our garage for frequent chores with the fob attached to our belt loops, very nice. And we can go elsewhere without carrying all of our keys and club cards and travel fobs and everything else we load ourselves down with. by Thomas L a
QUESTION: Is this 9 dip switch? by None N 3/19/2016
ANSWER: Yes by Dale L a
ANSWER: It is a 12 dip switch according to your website. by Dixie C a
ANSWER: Actually it is a 12 dipper...although I use only 8 dips. Works great but has limited range.<br />Bill Bryan by William B a
ANSWER: No, this is a 12-position dip switch. by Theo P a
QUESTION: will Genie MAT90 Remote Garage Door Mini Transmitter 390GED21K operate a Genie Intellicode opener? by None N 11/5/2015
ANSWER: The opener that I bought operated my door. by Joe P a
ANSWER: I don't think so. I tried several openers and was not able to find any that would work with my 30 year old Genie. The door opener doesn't have the new technology in it. by Dixie C a
ANSWER: Unfortunately this remote only works with the older 12 dip switch models. by Charles C a
ANSWER: YES by Robert H a
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