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Welcome to our video page for Genie and Overhead Door Products. Here we will be posting our product reviews, and informational videos on the company, and much more! We want to ensure that our customers can find the items that work best with their needs!

Genie GL2T-BX Part 39654R 2 Button Remote Transmitter with LED Light
GENIE GL2T-BX 2-Button Remote w/LED FlashlightGENIE GL2T-BX 2-Button Remote w/LED Flashlight
Tech Talks: Genie GLR Remote
Genie Garage Door Opener GLR-BX Close Conform Remote 37348RGenie Garage Door Opener GLR-BX Close Conform Remote 37348R
Tech Talks: Genie GSTB-BX
Genie GSTB-BX Safety Beam Set 37220RGenie GSTB-BX Safety Beam Set 37220R
Tech Talks: Genie Circuit Boards
Genie Circuit BoardsGenie Circuit Boards
Tech Talks: A history of Genie Remotes
Genie RemotesGenie Remotes
Genie Company History
Genie CompanyGenie Company
Genie Garage Door Parts and Accessories
Genie CompanyGenie Company
Genie Commercial Operator Initial Set Up
Genie Commercial Line Garage Door OpenersGenie Commercial Line Garage Door Openers
Genie Commercial Remote Initial Set Up
Genie GIDFX5.S Intellicode Open Close and Stop TransmitterGenie GIDFX5.S Intellicode Open Close and Stop Transmitter
How To program 1000 and 2000 series operators
Genie Garage Door OpenersGenie Garage Door Openers
Genie 1042 Belt Drive Sprocket Replacement
GENIE 38416A.S Belt Drive Sprocket 14-ToothGENIE 38416A.S Belt Drive Sprocket 14-Tooth
Genie Screw Drive Carriage Replacement
Genie 36179R.S 34107R.S Screw Drive Carriage Assembly Genie 36179R.S 34107R.S Screw Drive Carriage Assembly
See how to install Genie garage door openers or program a Genie remote control transmitter by watching our DIY Genie videos at North Shore Commercial Door. Watch "tech talks" on Genie GLR remotes. Learn how to program a Genie garage door opener remote. With our DIY videos on Genie replacement parts, you can follow step-by-step guides to install a replacement safety beam set or garage door operator circuit board. Find the video that matches your Genie remote model.

Our videos can show you how to set up a Genie commercial garage door operator or install a Genie residential garage door belt drive or screw drive opener. Need to replace a belt drive sprocket? We have a step-by-step video for replacing that and other parts. With more than 35 years of experience in this industry, we can negotiate the lowest prices on top brands in garage door and gate operators, as well as for OEM Genie replacement parts and accessories.