Genie Commercial Line Garage Door Openers

North Shore Commercial Door offers Genie's full line of commercial garage door operators. Each has ½ horsepower motors and great operational features. The maximum door height for the openers ranges from 10-to-24 feet. All operators are intended for high or full-lift sectional doors except for the light-duty operator, which is designed for rolling counter and fire doors.

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See below for cycle/hour information:

  • The CCL-MJ Medium-Duty Jackshaft Operator is built to meet a 15-cycle/hour-or-less duty requirement.
  • The GCL-J Standard-Duty Jackshaft operator will meet a 30-cycle/hour-or-less duty requirement.
  • The GCL-MH Medium-Duty hoist jackshaft operator is designed for a 15-cycle/hour-or-less duty requirement.
  • The Standard-Duty Hoist Jackshaft operator is intended for a 30-cycle/hour-or-less duty requirement.
  • The GCL-GH heavy-duty gear head hoist operator will handle doors with a 60-cycle/hour duty requirement.
  • The light-duty GCL-GCX will operate rolling-counter and fire-doors with a 4-cycle/hour-or-less duty requirement.

Genie's commercial operators ensure that you can operate your commercial doors as efficiently, reliably and safely as possible. All of the operators are UL 325 2010 compliant. Contact us at 440-365-5707, or email with any questions!

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