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Green Hinge Systems Videos

Green Hinge Systems Videos
Welcome to the Green Hinge Systems Video page. Here you can find all videos relating to the installation of the product, technical information, or just testimonials. North Shore Commercial Door works hard to find all of the right materials to answer our customers questions. If you still have comments or concerns after watching these videos, please feel free to email us at

With our free how-to videos on Green Hinge Systems garage door hinges, you can see step-by-step demonstrations on how to install these money-saving spring hinges. Watch videos on installing Green Hinge spring-loaded hinges on four-section overhead doors and five-section doors to create a tight seal that eliminates expensive drafts.

Our energy-saving Green Hinge brand kit for four-panel-tall residential garage doors includes right-side and left-side hinges designed to prevent the loss of heat or cool air flows from inside your garage. These hinges also keep out insects, debris, drafts, dust and humidity. If you have a garage door that rattles in the wind, consider one of our discount-priced Green Hinge kits to stop the noise.

We also sell inexpensively priced garage door bottom weather seals to keep drafts and pests from entering your residential or commercial garage. We have videos that can show you how to determine when wear-and-tear means it's time to replace your weather seals.