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Green Hinge Garage Door System 4-Section Door

Green Hinge Garage Door System 4-Section Door
Green Hinge Garage Door System 4-Section Door
Green Hinge Garage Door System 4-Section Door
Green Hinge Garage Door System 4-Section Door
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Item# R4416-40
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Green Hinge Garage Door System 4-Section Door
Green Hinge Garage Door System 4-Section Door
Product Description
The GREEN HINGE System is a unique patent-pending spring-loaded hinge that allows automatic adjustment of your door, providing a close tight seal of your door to your building eliminating that air gap and saving you money. The R4416-40 Kit is for standard residential doors that are 4 panels tall. The kit includes #1, #2, and #3 Hinges for both the left and right sides. North Shore Commercial Door is exited to offer this product to our loyal customers. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this or any product we offer.

Research shows the majority of overhead doors do not seal and rattle in the wind. Doors with Green Hinge system seal properly and will keep out the things we don't want in our buildings and will also greatly diminish heat and energy loss of the conditioned space.

Loss of building heat and cooling.


Stop Insects.

Noisy door rattle.

Uncomfortable draft ;from weather.

Rain, snow and humidity.

Control dust.

Easy to install.

Quick payback in savings plus comfort.
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: To seal my garage door shut. by Jason C 8/17/2017
COMMENT: door blows open all the time need your hinges thank you by mary l 3/8/2017
QUESTION: do i have to replace all 6 hinges,or can I just replace some of them ? by anton d 2/20/2017
ANSWER: If you won't accept my answers don't bother me with questions. by Raymond R a
ANSWER: To me it wouldn't make much sense to not replace all the hinges. by Raymond R a
ANSWER: I believe you have to do all six. Also make sure you put them in the right order. I messed up the alinement on my door pretty badly when I put them on. by Kristoffer G a
ANSWER: I think you would get better results replacing all at the same time. by Donald W a
ANSWER: Yes,you should replace all six then your door will totally snug against the door frame.They work very well,I did two garage doors with them, very pleased. by ted h a
ANSWER: It was my choice to replace all 6 because I wanted it to be consistent Tension during the operation of my opener. by Paul N a
ANSWER: To work correctly you need to replace all hinges . Unless you have some hinges that already have spring tension. by jeff b a
QUESTION: Will the green spring hinge work on a clopay garage door? by Robert W 1/15/2017
ANSWER: My garage door is a Stanley but IF your current hinge has the same basic shape it should work by Dennis P a
ANSWER: Sorry, not quite sure what a clopay garage door is. I have installed these hinges on my garage door, and I am absolutely pleased with them. by Daniel T a
ANSWER: I have no Idea what a clopay garage door is. You sell the hinges why don't you answer the question? by Raymond R a
ANSWER: The Green Hinge works fine on my door with exception that I had to run bee's wax along the stop. by Donald W a
ANSWER: Absolutely. They are an awesome product. My garage no longer has drafts and is warmer. by Steve B a
ANSWER: If your door has hinges they should work fine. the green springs have an adjustment with you may or may not need to use. by jeff b a
QUESTION: how many hinges per order? by None N 11/15/2016
QUESTION: green hinge web site says use commercial hinges gold spring for 16' wide doors.<br /> These springs appear to have silver springs.<br />What should I use? by Gary S 9/6/2016
ANSWER: If you visit the Green Hinge website they do mention the differences between the gold and silver springs. One is for commercial or wide doors and the other for single bay doors. by Paul R a
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