Green Hinge Garage Door System 5-Section Door

Green Hinge Garage Door System 5-Section Door

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Green Hinge Garage Door System 5-Section Door
Green Hinge Garage Door System 5-Section Door
Product Description
The Green Hinge Residential Door System is a unique, patent-pending spring-loaded hinge system that allows for the easy adjustment of garage doors for a better seal where the door meets the building. According to research done by Green Hinge, the majority of overhead doors don't seal properly which results in air loss and increased heating and cooling costs. By using the Green Hinge system, the door can seal properly against the building and keep energy costs down.

The Green Hinged Garage Door System works on standard residential doors that are 5 panels tall. The kit is available from North Shore Commercial Door and includes number 1, 2, 3 and 4 hinges for both sides of the garage door. Whether you live in the far north or the deep south, the hinge system can be used to create a better seal for your garage door.


• Reduces heating and cooling costs

• Lightweight

• Stop insects

• Stops noisy door rattle

• Stops uncomfortable draft from weather

• Blocks rain, snow and humidity

• Helps control dust

• Easy to install

• Quick payback in savings plus comfort

• Package includes 8 hinges

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COMMENT: This product does what it say it will do. Very pleased with this product since we already used it on one door now reordered for the other. Made very strong good quality. by Doris I 3/28/2017
COMMENT: I chose this product because I saw it in the Handyman Mag. After reading more about the product and the reviews I decided that it should do what we need at our home. We have a North facing home on the side of a mountain in Arizona and sometimes the wind blows right thru the house. I am hoping this will slow it down if not stop it. by THURMAN C 1/27/2017
QUESTION: Do you have to replace all the hinges on your door or can you just replace a couple of them? by Al L 10/7/2015
STAFF ANSWER: You would have replace all the hinges to get the full effect. by Taylor M a
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