GTO FM145 Bulldog Electric Gate Lock with Control Box

GTO FM145 Bulldog Electric Gate Lock with Control Box

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GTO FM145 Bulldog Electric Gate Lock with Control Box
GTO FM145 Bulldog Electric Gate Lock with Control Box
Product Description
Mighty Mule FM145 Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock : Use this Mighty Mule Bulldog Walk-Through Gate Lock to secure yards, swimming pools, playgrounds, boat docks or tennis courts from unwanted guests.

One year* of operation with 4 x AA alkaline batteries (no transformer or solar panel is required)


Accepts either standard alkaline or rechargeable batteries

Built-in charger circuit for rechargeable batteries (must use with transformer or solar panel)

Accepts door bell push button for easy exit from inside property

Up to 25 programmable entry codes (permanent and temporary codes)

Temporary codes can be programmed to automatically expire (1 to 7 days)

Daylight sensor that automatically turns on backlight when button is pressed in low light conditions

Automatically disables the unit after 20 key presses for 40 seconds to discourage unauthorized entry

Programmable lock-hold time from 1-9 seconds (default at 3 seconds) Note: Longer lock hold time will reduce battery life when using alkaline batteries

* Based on typical usage of 10 times/ day with 3 seconds lock-hold time with fresh batteries.
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COMMENT: For exterior rod iron pool gate. Not a whole lot of options out there. by Kirstin S 4/23/2017
COMMENT: It appeared to be the best way to open my garden gate without having to go unlock the padlock by R. O 1/11/2017
QUESTION: Is the GTO FM145 compatible with the F320 Gate opener keypad? Is the F320 a more commercial duty option and more suitable for heavy use? by David H 10/6/2017
QUESTION: can you put a small push botton on the other side of a<br />wood fence doot to get out with out another key pad ? by None N 9/7/2013
ANSWER: Yes, it comes with the button and wire. It also accepts any standard doorbell button you choose. by E D a
ANSWER: Yes. It comes with the kit. by D R a
QUESTION: Does this item work on wrought iron gate gate to back yard with pool? How would you mount this to a metal gate?<br /><br />Chuck Taylor by Chuck T 1/9/2013
ANSWER: I had my opener installed onto a chain link gate, As long as the iron gate doesn't exceed weight limit, which I think is 350lbs per leaf depends on the model you are installing..<br />But most units come with brackets to accommodate a couple different mounting options. mine are bolted to the center support of each gate section, by J I a
ANSWER: We haven't installed it on our iron gate yet. We live in downtown Washington DC so we intend to hire a welder to install it so it's as secure as possible.<br />Sorry I'm not much help. by E D a
QUESTION: Can you get this lock with dual key pads so that each side of the gate can have a keypad? If so what is the additional cost of the second keypad? by None N 11/18/2012
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