Gutter Guard House Pack -60 ft. For 6 in. Oversized Gutters

Gutter Guard House Pack -60 ft.  For 6 in. Oversized Gutters

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Gutter Guard House Pack -60 ft. For 6 in. Oversized Gutters
Gutter Guard House Pack -60 ft.  For 6 in. Oversized Gutters
Product Description
GutterBrush bends to accomodate any gutter shape or corner.

Stiff GutterBrush bristles fill the gutter keeping debris out while allowing water to easily flow through.

Can be used with any roof or gutter type.

Gutters - K-Style & Half Round - Aluminum, Copper, PVC, Wood, Steel Roof - Asphalt shingle, Cedar Shake, Slate, Tile, Rubber, Metal

60 Total Feet of GutterBrush protection

19 Brush Sections at 3 feet

2 Brush Sections at 18 inches

2 Brush lengths allow for easy fit to various gutter lengths

Fits 6 inch "Oversized" gutters

* All gutter guard systems allow some debris to enter gutters and may require limited maintenance. This is why Contractors and Home Improvement experts consistently favor a system which is easy to install & remove.

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COMMENT: highly recommended.. by Carrol R 3/9/2016
COMMENT: Looks like it will do the job. Website video was helpful. by Robert P 3/14/2015
QUESTION: My gutters measure approx 3 1/2" at the bottom and approx 4 1/2" at the opening. Will the 5" brush set be to big? by None N 9/11/2014
STAFF ANSWER: The 5" Should work no problem. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Do you have a product for a 7" Super Gutter over a pool cage? by Ty A 11/23/2013
STAFF ANSWER: I would go with the 6" oversized gutter brush guard. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: will this product work with hidden hangers? will it fit beneath or will it have to be cut? by None N 10/29/2013
STAFF ANSWER: It usually sits just above a flush level on top of the gutter. You may need to but it is flexible so maybe not. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Won't leaves still get stuck in bristles? by Maria D 10/14/2013
ANSWER: Yes, debris does get caught in the bristles but it does not get to the gutter. This keeps the gutters open and allows rainwater to flow freely. The bristles will need cleaning occasionally but they should work for an entire season. they are easily removed so it should be no problem cleaning them when warmer temperatures return. Occasionally the debris caught in the bristles blows away. by Robert C a
STAFF ANSWER: At some point, yes. But is very easy to clean them off. by Matthew O a