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Heddolf P294-1KA Allstar Compatible Gate and Garage Door Receiver

Heddolf P294-1KA Allstar Compatible Gate and Garage Door Receiver
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This item is discontinued.
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Keystone Heddolf P294-1KB Allstar Compatible Gate and Garage Door Receiver
This item is discontinued. Please view this replacement item:
Product Description
Use the Heddolf receiver P294-1KA model in your home to get compatibility with your existing remote. Since this receiver can be used with remotes from many of the top brands – including Pulsar, GTO and Allstar – it's a versatile product you can use for years to come. This 318 MHz Heddolf receiver comes with a four-wire design and an F-connector for easy setup.

Get the Heddolf receiver P294-1KA from North Shore Commercial Door. For more information about this unique product, see our specifications below or click the "Ask a Question" button on this page to get an answer from our knowledgeable staff members.
  • Nine dip switches with three positions each
  • 318 MHz frequency
  • Comes with four-wire design and F-connector
  • Compatible with the following remotes: Heddolf P219-1KA, Heddolf P219-2KA, Heddolf P220-1KA, Heddolf P220-2KA, Heddolf P220-3KA, Allstar 9931T, Allstar 9931MT, GTO RB741, GTO RB742, GTO RB743, Transmitter Solutions model Firefly 318ALD31K and Transmitter Solutions model Stinger 318ALD31V
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: Replacement part by Brian B 8/15/2016
COMMENT: This transmitter was recommended to me. by Karen S 3/6/2015
ANSWER: I don't know anything about a Liftmaster, but, I just installed one of these in my front drive gate. It took me 5 minutes to wire it. There were 3-4 wires and it was very simple. I was tired of paying the Gate Company $150 everytime they came out. by william j a
ANSWER: Any unit will work if you are willing to spend enough time and money to modify it.<br />NO this will not directly work if you want a plug and play.<br />Yes if you are willing to spend more than it is worth to modify it you can adapt it to work. by R E a
ANSWER: I guess it will but the lift master has a receiver built in it that is better & use there transmitter buttons by Scott W a
ANSWER: To be honest, I don't know if it will work with your gate. I must say, though that while it works with mine, I had to buy an external antenna, which I was not made aware of at time of purchase. Otherwise the person I spoke with on chat was very helpful in recommending this as compatible with my gate. <br />Karen by Karen S a
QUESTION: my gate control selection is the Linear MDKP Wireless Entry Keypad. 318MHZ. The keypad will be wired direct to gate operator PCB. Will this device allow remote control via RF<br />from my building 550 feet away? by Monte L 6/4/2014
ANSWER: You will need to get an external antenna to get any noticeable range. by Karen S a
STAFF ANSWER: This device is a universal receiver. You can wire it to te gate ad then buy the compatible remote controls but the range will not be as far as you described. You can get the ER294 Long range receiver and the EX220 remotes. by Matthew O a