LiftMaster Home Convenience / Safety Products

Never worry if you left your garage door open again with LiftMaster's home convenience and safety products! Available from NorthShore Commercial Door, LiftMaster's convenience and safety products tell you whether your garage door has been left open or if it's closed. They can easily be installed anywhere in your home or place of business. Other products such as the LiftMaster remote light control can turn lights and small appliances on and off from a distance, which is a great way to ward off would-be burglars and other threats to your safety and security.

Ever wonder if you left the TV on while you're out of the house? LiftMaster's control panels can be used for small appliances in addition to garage doors. Other products such as laser parking accessories alert you to if you are pulling too far into the garage. Rest easy and don't stress about burglars breaking in or leaving appliances on you with these LiftMaster products! LiftMaster has been in business for 50+ years, and provides quality you can count on. 

If you don't see the particular control panel you are looking for, please email us at, or call 440-365-5707. If the part is available, we'll get it!