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Hormann Garage Door Opener Safety Beams

Hormann Garage Door Opener Safety Beams
Hormann Garage Door Opener Safety Beams
Hormann Garage Door Opener Safety Beams
Hormann Garage Door Opener Safety Beams
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Item# EL-101
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Hormann Garage Door Opener Safety Beams
Hormann Garage Door Opener Safety Beams
Product Description
•Hormann Garage Door Opener Safety Beams EL 101

•Compatible on Hormann SilentDrive

•Silent Drive Models : 5500 , 7500 , 8500 series

• These Hormann Safety Sensors come with the (2) Safety eyes (sender & receiver), Mounting brackets, Wire, and instructions.

•Item #8 in the Silentdrive owners manual

Part # 436309
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COMMENT: quality by fred r 9/25/2017
COMMENT: the ones I have are lightning damaged by Gary G 9/10/2017
QUESTION: I have a PB3 door opener, but it will not open the door from more than about 25-30'. is there a way to extend this distance? by mike b 3/10/2016
ANSWER: Make sure that the antenna wire is extended vertically. You might have tie it to the metal supports.. by Milton G a
QUESTION: How can I check the safety beams devices to ensure that they are defective? While closing the door the audible signal sounds and the door will not go down. If you hold the button on the garage wall the door will go down as long as you hold the button down and the audible signal will sound all the way until you manually stop the door.<br />I have tried to adjust the light beam devices but it does not help. is there a way to check the device? by Jeff M 5/29/2015
STAFF ANSWER: If you are having to hold the wall button to make the door go down then it means your safety sensors are not working. Make sure the lens are wiped clean. Make sure they are aligned. Make sure there are no breaks in the wires. If all of that is good and it still does not work then it is time to replace them. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Will this item work on a Hormann SupraMatic A?<br /><br />Thanks<br />Jeff by None N 5/12/2015
ANSWER: I am not sure for a SupraMatic A......But I did find that the wire needed to be replaced but not the photo eyes..... check the continuity for the wires first....<br /><br />Lee by Lee E a
STAFF ANSWER: yes they will work. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: The beams work perfectly with our SupraMatic A. A guy from a local garage door company quoted me $250 to replace our I thought I'd try something else. Before I bought these, I checked with a person from North Shore and was told they would work with our SupraMatic A, so I ordered them. My husband installed the beams to our OLD wiring and braces and they work great! Saved money, too! by Nancy L a
QUESTION: We have a SupraMatic A Hormann that was installed in the 90's. In the service manual, it states that the lightbeam device is EL31. Will this replace ours? Sometime last spring, lightening knocked our power off. Since then we have had trouble with our sensors staying online with each other. When I can FINALLY get them to line up, I can wave my hand across the beam and the red light will not go out, again. It will get dim, but will not go out. If this sensor set isn't what we need, what can we replace ours with? by Nancy L 8/4/2014