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Hormann SD5500 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

Hormann SD5500 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Hormann SD5500 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Hormann SD5500 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
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Item# D437633
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Hormann SD5500 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Hormann SD5500 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Product Description
Hormann SD5500 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

Part # D437633


In cases where a confirmed lightning strike check to make sure the opener will open the door. If there is no red light on the motor and the door will not move you will need a new motor assembly.

  1. Make sure the opener is unplugged from the outlet.
  2. Remove the light bulbs.
  3. Remove the plastic cover covering the head assembly.
  4. The board is at the back of the head and is secured in place by 4 plastic tabs.With slight pressure push on the two tabs that are at the edge of the board closest to the actual motor itself.
  5. The board should pop free and then you can slide it from under the other two tabs.
  6. There are 5 wiring assemblies that must be unplugged and then the board is completely free of the head.
  7. Reverse the process to install the new board.
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COMMENT: Mine got fried by lightning by Virginia C 5/31/2017
COMMENT: House was struck by lightning, causing circuit board fault light. This is the part needed to replace faulty board. by Owen D 4/23/2017
QUESTION: I have a 5500 series that periodically takes a notion to give a code that the light beam device has a issue. There is no item between the beam, I have connected the beams from the door beside it and it give the same code. I can sometimes leave it disconnected from power for a couple of days and it will reset eventually. Can a bad board cause this problem? by Clay C 4/12/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Yes you could have a few different problems going on. Please call us at 440-366-6112 to help you trouble shoot and get the repair parts needed. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I have a sd5500 that was hit by lightning, it wont' turn on or light up at all. Would a board remedy my problem or do I need to replace the whole unit? Thanks in advance for you help, Chris by Guest G 4/8/2014
STAFF ANSWER: The board should take car of the issue. Lightning strikes are the number one cause of circuit board failure. by Matthew O a
REPLY: OK, I finally got around to replacing the board in my opener. Help! It powers up and motivates the door. It only runs it so far and was giving a code that said to replace the light sensorsI ordered a set from you, installed them and they seem to work correctly. The door only goes a portion of the way and won't go any further? Not sure if this is related to the board? I might have a local company come out to look, but I want to make sure I am not missing something. Thanks in advance for your help.Chris by Guest G r