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iSmartGate US1282 Wired Magnetic Sensor

Cable wired sensors run directly to iSmartGate hub for solid connection

iSmartGate US1282 Wired Magnetic Sensor
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Item# US1282
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iSmartGate US1282 Wired Magnetic Sensor
iSmartGate US1282 Wired Magnetic Sensor
Product Description
iSmartGate US1282 Wired Magnetic Sensor | iSmartGate US1282 Wired Magnetic Sensor is a 2-part sensor that secures to the door/gate post or frame and is used with iSmartGate monitoring kits. Creates magnetic field and notifiies via iSmartGate app when gate is 1) opened 2) closed 3) gate is left open. NorthShore Commercial Door stocks the newest products for home monitoring and access. Pairs with iSmartGate to monitor gate up to 30 feet. Temperature monitoring feature. Sends alert and notifications across- multiple platforms as table, phone and PC.

These accessories are the replacement items for GoGo Gate Devices.

Product Highlights
  • Wired magnetic sensor for setting as added walls or other barriers prevent usable wifi signal from gate sensor to hub
  • Wired magnetic, 2-piece monitor for gate and doors | works with
    • Swing gates
    • Sliding gates
    • Folding gates
    • Vertical sectional doors
    • Conventional vertical rolling doors
    • Tilting garage doors
  • Door status reports: open, closed; alert feature if door is left open
  • Temperature monitoring feature

Specs | Techs
  • Output: Normally Open(NO)
  • Max. switching voltage: 100V dc
  • Max. contact rating: 10W
  • Max. switching current: 0.5A
  • Max. carrying current: 1.0A
  • Temperature: -20șC / 80șC
  • Material: ABS
  • Contact life: 1x10^8
  • Water-resistant: IP65
  • Cable gauge: 24# AWG (2 cables)
  • Designed specifically for iSmartGate PRO/LITE kits | not a stand-alone item
  • Sensor compatible with Google Home, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and iFTTT when used with iSmartGate kits, hub and iSmartGate app
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