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Janus International MINI Pantheon Operator for Mini Doors #796001-0000

Janus International MINI Pantheon Operator for Mini Doors #796001-0000
Janus International MINI Pantheon Operator for Mini Doors #796001-0000
Janus International MINI Pantheon Operator for Mini Doors #796001-0000
Janus International MINI Pantheon Operator for Mini Doors #796001-0000
Janus International MINI Pantheon Operator for Mini Doors #796001-0000
Janus International MINI Pantheon Operator for Mini Doors #796001-0000
Janus International MINI Pantheon Operator for Mini Doors #796001-0000
Janus International MINI Pantheon Operator for Mini Doors #796001-0000
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Janus International MINI Pantheon Operator for Mini Doors #796001-0000
Janus International MINI Pantheon Operator for Mini Doors #796001-0000
Product Description

Is your self-storage unit in need of an upgrade? Get the Pantheon Automatic Mini Door Operator package by Janus International from North Shore Commercial Door at an affordable price today! The Pantheon Automatic Mini Door Operator package (Item #796001-0000) includes everything needed to fully set up and automate your mini rolling steel door.

This operator does not come with Remote Controls. To include radio controls, please purchase the Janus International Pantheon Receiver/Transmitter Kit JAN-700008-0000


  • Logic Controller/Control Box
  • Drive Unit/Motorhead 
  • Photo Electric Sensors (Photo Eyes)
  • DC Cable (67 Inches long)
  • AC Cable (55 Inches Long)
  • Integrated Accessories
    • Programmable 7-Day Timer Device
    • Warning Siren/Warning Light
    • Wall Switch
    • Key Switch


  • Item Number: 796001-0000
  • Pantheon Automatic Mini Door Operator Package by Janus International
  • The "Mini" Pantheon features a stronger DC motor operator for today's door industry
  • Designed to suit a 9-½" drum and fit neatly inside the torque tube of the mini rolling steel door
  • The provision of additional site requirements other than those which are required for the normal installation of the Janus "mini" rolling steel door is unnecessary and no additional side room is required for fitment
  • Electronic limits help save the installer time and effort:
    • No moving switches or adjusting cams to get the door to open and close to the required position
    • Limits can not be "lost" or "erased" in the event of a power failure or interruption
    • No reprogramming is required once the power is restored - the logic control retains the memory and will operate seamlessly
  • Logic controller designed with software and features to exceed CE requirements and the new UL325 standard, effective in 2010
  • 1-year warranty against defects and workmanship


Low Voltage DC Motor

  • Thermal overload protection device designed to meet UL325 standards
  • More quiet and efficient than standard AC motors

Internal Reduction Planetary Gearing Mechanism

  • Gear system that provides for great capacity to operate the mini rolling steel door
  • Motor runs at optimum efficiency - gear system does the work
  • Ensures smooth operation and promotes long operator service life - tested to 80,000 cycles

Soft Start/Soft Stop

  • Software designed to reduce, or soften, the load exerted on the motor during the start of the operation and the stop
  • Promotes greater operator service life and ensures smooth operation in both directions

Electronic Limits

  • Unique electronic and mechanical design enables the required opening and closing positions to be set electronically and retained despite any main power fluctuation or interruption
  • Setting the limits on the operator is easier than programming a cell phone, and user-friendly enough for anyone to operate
  • Simple three step process - no cams, levers, screws or micro switches

Floor Level - Cable Operated Release

  • No ladder needed - a simple cable device enables the door to easily be switched to manual operation from ground level
  • Operator can be converted to manual operation with the simple movement of a lever
  • Manual activation disconnects power to the motor and is monitored on the logic controller status indicator panel


Twin CPU Processors

  • Designed to offer increased operational capacity
  • Processors are designed with high-speed, low power CMOS technology
  • 8-bit processors with 4K x 13 bit OTP ROM
  • Computing power equivalent to early PCs

Plug-In Style Terminal Connectors

  • For the simple and reliable connection of all external accessories that are clearly marked for easy identification
  • Clearly marked for identification
    • Remove
    • Connect the appropriate wires
    • Replace

UP, DOWN, STOP Buttons and Status Indicator Panel

  • Flush mounted buttons
  • Illuminated LED status indicator panel

AUTO Close

  • Selectable if required for auto closing of the door after a prescribed period of time
  • In the event that the closing sequence is interrupted and the door returns to the fully open condition, the timer will reset automatically and commence the countdown process

Momentary or Constant Contact to Close

  • Selectable to suit
  • V3 boards onwards
  • Enabling momentary contact will convert DONW or closing button to single contact to operate as opposed to constant or hold to run operation

Diagnostic Fault System

  • Designed to provide a series of audible "beep" sounds to indicate certain fault conditions
  • Simple trouble shooting process intended to quickly identify and resolve fault conditions

Maximum Run Time

  • Software will automatically limit the run time of the operator to 60 seconds
  • Generally, the operating time will be less than 30 seconds
  • This feature is intended to prevent damage to the operator in the event of a mechanical problem with the door or in the unlikely event that the overload or sensitivity software has failed to detect a fault


  • Plug in terminal connection provides constant 12 V DC signal in the event that an attempted forced entry is detected by the operator
  • Simple interface with external alarm device - consult alarm manufacturers for details

Electronic Sensitivity

  • Feature allows for the characteristics of the door to be effectively learned by the logic controller
  • A curtain size setting establishes the basic operating criteria
  • Fine tuning can then be performed - for both opening and closing operations, and by careful adjustment to ensure that the operator can accommodate any variance
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