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Janus Zinc Mini Warehouse Storage Latch

Weather-resistant fastener is DIY-accessible and accommodates a variety of locks for securing storage, shed and other doors

Janus Zinc Mini Warehouse Storage Latch
Janus Zinc Mini Warehouse Storage Latch
Janus Zinc Mini Warehouse Storage Latch
Janus Zinc Mini Warehouse Storage Latch
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Janus Zinc Mini Warehouse Storage Latch
Janus Zinc Mini Warehouse Storage Latch
Product Description
Do you have a Janus International Roll Up Door? Or a mini warehouse door in general? North Shore Commercial Door can hook you up with amazing security for a minimal cost! We now have the Janus Zinc Mini Warehouse Storage Latch or LATCH280003-0000 available for purchase!

What is a latch? The latch is affixed to the door and used to prevent the door from opening. Latches are easy to operate, as all that is required is to push or pull the slide to the left or right. These units typically come standard with the purchase of a roll up door, but over time latches are exposed to the elements and functionality is compromised. This latch is dipped in zinc to help prevent corrosion from the elements.

It should be noted that this product does not come with a lock of any sort. This is just the latch application. North Shore Commercial Door strongly suggests that you replace the lock as well. This Mini Latch can accommodate 2 pad lock styles; a master pad lock, and a disc style pad lock, as well as a short-milled cylinder lock. Any Chateau short milled cylinder lock or standard disk lock from North Shore Commercial Door is compatible with the LATCH280003-0000.

Product Highlights:
  • Part Number: LATCH280003-0000
  • US PATENT #:6719334
  • Zinc coated to prevent corrosion from the elements
  • Works with roll up or mini warehouse doors
  • Prevents door from opening to enhance security
  • Lock not included
  • Latch is compatible with Master Pad Lock, and any Chateau Disc Pad Lock, or Short-Milled Cylinder Lock from North Shore Commercial Door.
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: replace damaged ones by MILDRED W 9/21/2017
COMMENT: I choose because it was on my garage door lock by Charles A 9/2/2017
QUESTION: What lock fits this latch? by Anna M 10/2/2016
ANSWER: Almost any conventional padlock as well as the more secure disk locks as long as the hasp is less than 3/4 inch thickness and does not have an extended shaft. by Joe M a
ANSWER: We use a standard master lock paddock. by Butch G a
QUESTION: do they make one for the left side? by collins c 7/29/2016
STAFF ANSWER: You could flip this upside down. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Right or Left Side of door, or both? by Ron C 7/19/2016
ANSWER: We installed on the right side, but it should work on both right or left by Monica H a
REPLY: Thank You! by Ron C r
ANSWER: we put two on a door, one left and one right with no issues. by Matt S a
ANSWER: Right side. by Mike E a