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LiftMaster K17-50098 Motor Pulley

Provides smooth transmission of power to operator belt

LiftMaster K17-50098 Motor Pulley
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Item# K17-50098
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LiftMaster K17-50098 Motor Pulley
LiftMaster K17-50098 Motor Pulley
Product Description
The LiftMaster K17-50098 gate operator motor pulley from North Shore Commercial Door is a replacement pulley for LiftMaster commercial SL3000UL and SL3000ULE slide gate operators. It's also compatible with commercial LiftMaster CSW2000UL and CSW200UL8 swing gate controllers. This one-piece motor output shaft pulley, also known as part no. Q025, has a 1/2-in. beveled bore and a 2 1/2-in. outside diameter (OD).

Product Highlights:

  • K17-50098
  • Also known as part no. Q025
  • 2 1/2 in. OD, 1/2-in. bore
  • For LiftMaster commercial swing gate operator models CSW200UL, 200UL8
  • Compatible with LiftMaster commercial slide gate models SL3000UL, SL3000ULE
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