Liftmaster 370LM 371LM Mini 315MHz Garage Door Remote

Liftmaster 370LM 371LM Mini 315MHz Garage Door Remote

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The model number being shiipped will be the Liftmaster 890MAX with three buttons. It works on any Chamberlain Liftmaster unit newer than 1993
Item# 370-1LM
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Liftmaster 370LM 371LM Mini 315MHz Garage Door Remote
Liftmaster 370LM 371LM Mini 315MHz Garage Door Remote
Product Description
The LiftMaster 370LM Mini 1 Button 315MHz Garage Door Remote from North Shore Commercial Door will open one garage door or gate. It can even turn on lights and small home appliances. It’s small enough to fit anywhere and the Security+ ensures a brand new code is used each time you use it. Check our website to see whether the LiftMaster 370LM remote is applicable for your motorhead.

Order the 370-1LM if:

•Your garage door opener motorhead has a purple learn button, or

•Your garage door opener motorhead has a purple antenna, or

•Your original remote has silver buttons with glowing blue lights, or

•Your original remote has black buttons and this logo:
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COMMENT: Looks cool....let's see if it works. I own a brand new Harley and I need the opener to put the motor in the garage. I own a liftmaster, so hopefully this is easy to have it talk to the opener itself....we shall soon find out. by Dennis H 1/15/2015
COMMENT: So my son has a key and garage door opener too! by Giselle S 9/12/2014
QUESTION: Will this work on a Tempro model DT-4C 312MHz?<br /><br />Thank you, by O P 1/25/2014
STAFF ANSWER: You need a skylink 318TR by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Does this work with the Liftmaster LA400? by Michael M 1/22/2013
ANSWER: Yes, worked for me by W O a
ANSWER: Accoring to the oweners manual acessories, page 45 list the 370LM. the LA400 is using 315 MHz so it should work. by david l a
ANSWER: No idea<br />my Liftmaster model is 3280M<br />370M mini works good on my 3280M<br /><br />K by K O a
ANSWER: According to the gate instructions it is the same and will work. by A B a
QUESTION: How many dip switch ? by None N 12/4/2012
STAFF ANSWER: This remote is not for openers with dip switches. It is for openers with a Purple learn button. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: The number of dip switch inside the remote to program the clicker. by Gustavo D a
ANSWER: I don't know what you mean by "How many dip switch?".<br /><br />Are you asking how many buttons this remote has? If so, the answer is one. by M Y a
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