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LiftMaster 375UT Universal Remote Transmitter

2-in-1-entryway rolling-code garage door opener from established name in innovation and security for home

LiftMaster 375UT Universal Remote Transmitter
LiftMaster 375UT Universal Remote Transmitter
LiftMaster 375UT Universal Remote Transmitter
LiftMaster 375UT Universal Remote Transmitter
LiftMaster 375UT Universal Remote Transmitter
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Product Description
Chamberlain LiftMaster is the #1 trusted brand in the garage door world for a reason. Each year LiftMaster consistently improves their products compatibility, quality, and design, and 2015 is no different. The 375UT, formerly known as the 375LM, is a universal transmitter which is compatible with 90% of all residential garage door openers installed in North America. This sleek and streamlined two button transmitter can be programmed to open two different doors. You can use the 375UT with openers that have a green, orange, yellow, or purple learn button. The 375UT universal transmitter works with Chamberlain, Craftsman, Genie, LiftMaster, Linear/Moore-O-Matic, Overhead Door, Stanley, and Wayne-Dalton. Feel free to contact if you have any questions we can help you with. This transmitter is not compatible with Hormann or Marantec openers. It should be noted that LiftMaster products are not compatible with any opener manufactured before 1993, or without safety eyes due to safety regulations.

• Dimensions 3.2" L x 2.0" W x 0.71" H

• Replaces the Liftmaster 375LM and Chamberlain KLIK1U and is a Handheld remote equivalent to the Chamberlain Klick2U wireless keypad and Liftmaster 387LM

Equivalent to the Following Models:
•Clicker Black Model KLIK3U
•Clicker Blue Model KLIK3U-BL
•Clicker Pink Model KLIK3U-PK

• Transmitter comes with battery, and visor clip.

• Program and control two different brand doors.

Compatible with:
• Chamberlain
• Craftsman
• Genie
• LiftMaster
• Linear/Moore-O-Matic
• Overhead Door
• Stanley
• and Wayne-Dalton
• North Shore Commercial Door

The 375UT is Compatible With:
1993-1995 Green Learn Button (Billion Code, 390MHZ)
- Models: 1245, 1255,1270, 1280, and 12864

1996-2005 Red/Orange/Amber Learn Button (Security+, 390MHZ)
- Models: 1245R/1255R, 1265R, 2220, 2245/2255, 2265, 2280, 2500, 2575, 2585, 2595

2006-2014 Purple Learn Button (Security+, 315MHZ)
- Models: 1345/1355, 1356, 3220, 3240, 3265, 3270, 3280, 3800, 3500, 3850, 3585, 3595

2011 - Present Yellow Learn Button (Security+ 2.0, 310, 315, and 390MHZ)
- Models: 8065, 8155, 8165, 8355, 8360, 8365-267, 8500, 8550, 8557, 8587
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: compatible with what I had by Liz H 9/29/2017
COMMENT: because our lift gate requires a two button remote, the one button remote will not open and close the gate, only open. by Kevin C 9/13/2017
QUESTION: My lift master remote loses its programming when I try to program a second remote or keypad. How do I program multiple transmitters? by Joel L 11/14/2016
ANSWER: Only to clarify-- You have two devices? Either a remote or keypad or 2 remotes. One is programmed already, and you are attempting to program the second device. When new device is completely programmed, the previous device already programmed does not work? If this is the case, it may be something with your motor/operator and not remote. <br />HOWEVER*__________________<br /><br />Sometimes, when programming is not successful, and it takes multiple tries to get the new remote/keypad programmed, the motor will push out the oldest device to leave room in memory for new devices. This might be the case why other devices suddenly are not programmed after attempting to program a new device. <br />ALSO *_____________________<br /><br /> Make sure you are following the proper programming instructions for each motor/operator you are trying to pair with. There are multiple programming instructions that differ from brand to brand and year to year. Make sure both operators are compatible to your 375UT. by Kapono C a
REPLY: the memory was full. After I erased the memory I had no problem programming 2 remotes and a wireless keypad. <br />Thanks for your response. by Joel L r
ANSWER: it souhds like you are reseting the code on your garage door. by Chris F a
ANSWER: I wish I could help! But I didn't have any problems_..Sorry! by Mary A a
STAFF ANSWER: Your memory on the unit is full please hold the learn button in for 2 min and then reprogram all devices should solve the problem. by Taylor M a
REPLY: Thanks. This took care of the problem by Joel L r
QUESTION: Will this remote work with Genie Intellicode series II? by Dennis B 10/11/2016
ANSWER: I do not know. sorry by Rosemary W a
ANSWER: I'm sorry I do not know the answer. I had to send back the one I purchased because I could not use it with my Challenger. by Susan D a
ANSWER: Yes.<br /><br />The instructions include specific prompts for programming this remote for motors: <br /><br />CHAMBERLAIN 1993-current <br />GENIE OHD 1995- current both Intellicode series <br />LINEAR MEGA CODE 1997-current <br />STANLEY SECURITY 1998<br />WAYNE DALTON ROLLING 372.5MHz 1999-current <br />LINEAR MULTICODE 10 SWITCHES <br />STANLEY MULTICODE 10 SWITCHES <br />LINEAR 8 SWITCHES by Kapono C a
ANSWER: Yes it works great by Anthony B a
QUESTION: how do i set the dip switches on the opener and the remote? by leonza h 10/2/2016
ANSWER: If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page, there is a PDF available under "Product Manual" that provides information about the dip switches. by Mark D a
QUESTION: how do you change the battery? by dolly g 8/14/2016
ANSWER: If you start at any corner use a small [very small] screwdriver and pry in the middle of the opener. It should split apart and just keep going around it until it opens up. by Rich J a
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