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Liftmaster 41A3589-1 Full Belt Assembly For 8' Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster 41A3589-1 Full Belt Assembly For 8' Garage Door Opener
Liftmaster 41A3589-1 Full Belt Assembly For 8' Garage Door Opener
Liftmaster 41A3589-1 Full Belt Assembly For 8' Garage Door Opener
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Item# 41A3589-1
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Liftmaster 41A3589-1 Full Belt Assembly For 8' Garage Door Opener
Liftmaster 41A3589-1 Full Belt Assembly For 8' Garage Door Opener
Product Description
North Shore Commercial Door is the place to have all of your garage door questions answered. The 41A3589-1 is a belt drive assembly for Liftmaster Operators that works with 8 foot doors. This style of operator is becoming more popular on the market because they are more efficient. The days of those noisy chain drive operators are numbered.

The 41A3589-1 works with the following Liftmaster Operators:
• 1270
• 1280
• 1280R
• 8100
• 8200
• 9200
• 9500
• Older models between ‘93-2000

• Belt Measures 255”
• 12 grooves per 6”
• Reduced stretching and warping

If you need any assistance ordering your product we would be more than happy to help out! We have trained customer service representatives to help you figure out what you need. In order to ensure that we can properly assist you with your purchase please have either the operator’s model number, or the part number that you need. Help is right around the corner! @800-783-6112.

12 Grooves per six inches
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COMMENT: Good Price on hard to find part. by Jimmie R 9/2/2017
COMMENT: I am from Arkansas and am in need of a belt, again! I ordered from North Shore CD previously and had an excellent experience. I got the right part, faster than expected and it was an easy install. Wouldn't dream of going anywhere else for my garage door needs. That door is working like a champ to this day. New house and when this belt broke there was no shopping around. I went right to NSCD site, found my part and ordered. I expect that this experience will go as just smooth as before. by Shay R 7/31/2017
QUESTION: In the title of your website add it shows 41A3589-1 but in the description on same page it says 41A3589-3. Which is it?<br /><br />Mike by Mike W 12/16/2013
ANSWER: Mike <br /><br />Order the item number and don't worry about the description. Item number 41A3589-1 belt is for an 8 foot door, 41A3589-3 is seven foot door. by Thomas G a
QUESTION: How do you determine between course and fine spline. How many teeth per foot ? by Richard M 7/24/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Call 800-528-9131. That is the manufacture tech line. They will tell you exactly which belt # to order for your system. Once they give you the part #, Type it into the "search box" on our website. Click search and the results will have the belt you need within there. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I need a replacement belt for Liftmaster 1270. Does this include both ends with belt clip and tensioner assembly? The local store sold me a belt with teeth too narrow and then gave me a belt drive sprocket that fit tne new belt. I still cannot use this because the belt clip does not fit and the teeth do not match at the gear at the trolly end. HELP! by Tom R 3/17/2013
ANSWER: if you look at the old belt the clip comes off... it is very hard to see but you just pop that clip and it falls off. then thread it and put it back on. It would have been nice if there was directions.... by jennifer B a
ANSWER: You do not get a belt tensioner with the replacement belt. It must be purchased separately. The Liftmaster 41A3589-1 is a course spline belt for 8 foot door openers. Mostly likely you were sold a belt for a WD822KD which is fine spline and will not work without changing both the drive gear and idler gear. by Thomas G a
ANSWER: It comes with the ends on the belt but not the tensioner assembly. You can see the ends in the picture. by M A a
STAFF ANSWER: What is the height of your door? This is the belt you need if your door is 8' high.<br /><br />41A3589-3 = 7 Foot tall door<br />41A3589-1 = 8 Foot tall door<br />41A3589-2 = 10 Foot tall door by Matthew O a
QUESTION: what is the total length of this belt?<br />The one I need to replace is 233" by Sean K 1/27/2013
ANSWER: The 41a3589-1 is 256" long. my door is 8' high. I think the 233" belt is for a 7" high door based on what I saw when I was looking. One other site listed the 41a3589-3 belt as being approx. 233" long. by james b a
ANSWER: The belt I order was 256" and was for a 8' high door. by V A a
ANSWER: This belt is 255", suitable for a garage door that fills a full 8' high opening. by S R a
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