Liftmaster 41A3504 Residential Garage Door Opener Antenna Extension Kit

Liftmaster 41A3504 Residential Garage Door Opener Antenna Extension Kit
Item# 41A3504
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Liftmaster 41A3504 Residential Garage Door Opener Antenna Extension Kit
Liftmaster 41A3504 Residential Garage Door Opener Antenna Extension Kit
Product Description
If you need to extend the range of an existing LiftMaster Garage Door Opener, the LiftMaster 41A3504 Residential Garage Door Opener Antenna Extension Kit available at North Shore Commercial Door can provide an extension to get the antenna closer to the car entry at car level and improve the reception from a vehicle's remote. The extension kit usually ships the next business day when you order from NSCD.
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COMMENT: Greatest thing on the planet for opener in a metal building. by Rian J 6/16/2016
QUESTION: Does this work with a liftmaster 3800? by None N 2/17/2016
ANSWER: We have a Liftmaster model 3280. I've got the range extension antenae installed but the range didn't improve. I am thinking it is the homelink feature of the car. We still have plenty of range with the remote openers that came with the Liftmaster. by Robert A a
STAFF ANSWER: yes it will by Taylor M a
ANSWER: I'm not an expert with garage door systems, but it worked for my system craftsman. It appears to work for any system. Basically it connects to the antenna of any system and extends it via the additional wire/hardward/exterior-antenna by Bill B a
QUESTION: will this work with a chamberlain Security+ model 248735 3/4 hp opener? by John O 12/6/2015
ANSWER: It worked fine on my Chamberlain Whisper Drive. I must add, however, that in my opinion this kit is fundamentally only an extension of your current door opener antenna. I see no reason it would not work with any garage door opener that comes with a remote. If it has a remote, it has an antenna. This extension kit only touches your antenna ... nothing else. There may be a bandwidth or frequency it cannot transmit, but I sincerely doubt it.. by DAVID W a
REPLY: Just to add ... I could not get a consistent door open INSIDE the garage before. Now with this application mounted over the garage door, I can consistently open door before turning into my driveway. And I personally did not have to soldier. Highly recommend it. by DAVID W r
ANSWER: Should work with any opener using an antenna. You might have to modify the connection for your opener as I did on mine. A little cutting trimming and soldering but well worth it. by Joseph P a
QUESTION: Compatible with 8500? by steve z 12/3/2015
ANSWER: Compatible with any garage door opener. It has considerably improved the operation of my opener. by GAETAN B a
ANSWER: I don't know what the 8500 refers to but we installed the antenna kit extension on our Liftmaster Model 3265M garage door opener. It work great in the 2+ years since we installed it. We are not professionals but the installation instructions were fairly self explanatory. Maryanne by Maryanne D a
STAFF ANSWER: No it will not. Move the wall console closer to the the unit the receiver is built into that unit. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: How long is the wire provided in the kit? The opener accessory list indicates that there are 2 models available. One 15ft long. One 25ft long. Which one is this? Mark by None N 8/11/2015
ANSWER: The Kit I got had a 25' cable, the kit did work , my garage door works a whole lot better. by David B a
ANSWER: The one I got from here has a 15 foot long extension wire. I have a metal building and without the antenna the range is about 100 feet, with the antenna the range is about 135. by Dana P a
ANSWER: The Extension Kit that I purchased the wire was 15ft long. by Ronald C a
ANSWER: If I remember when I got this, the cable between the antenna and the opener was 15ft., though I had to shorten it to hard wire it into my Craftsman opener by Allie P a
ANSWER: I believe it was 25 ft. Product really does work. I recommend it. by richard r a
STAFF ANSWER: 15' by Matthew O a
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