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LiftMaster 823LM Remote Light Switch

Liftmaster 823LM Remote Light Switch
Liftmaster 823LM Remote Light Switch
Liftmaster 823LM Remote Light Switch
Liftmaster 823LM Remote Light Switch
Liftmaster 823LM Remote Light Switch
Liftmaster 823LM Remote Light Switch
Liftmaster 823LM Remote Light Switch
Liftmaster 823LM Remote Light Switch
Liftmaster 823LM Remote Light Switch
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Item# 823LM
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Liftmaster 823LM Remote Light Switch
Liftmaster 823LM Remote Light Switch
Product Description

Control your house lights remotely and do it with the simple press of a button when you have the LiftMaster 823LM Remote Light Switch available at North Shore Commercial Door. Compatible only with LiftMaster Security+ 2.0 garage door openers, Security+ 2.0 remote controls, and accessories enabled by MyQ technology, the LiftMaster 823LM Remote Light Switch replaces the function of a single light switch.

•Turn on garage or house lights with garage door opener remote control

•Control lights via computer or smartphone with LiftMaster Internet Gateway

•Wall plate not included

•For a complete list of MyQ-enabled accessories, click here.

This product is compatible with:

Yellow Learn Button (Security+ 2.0, 310, 315, and 390MHZ)
- Models: 8065, 8155, 8165, 8355, 8360, 8365-267, 8500, 8550, 8557, 8587

• Chamberlain WSLCEV

• Craftsman Assurelink 139.21255

When using this product in conjunction with the Liftmaster MyQ app and internet gateway; you will be able to control this light switch from anywhere in the world as long as you have internett access. Control the Light switch with your Smartphone , Tablet , Laptop , or a computer. One of these light switches can have up to 8 Securtiy+2.0 remote controls and a combonation of up to 8 MyQ Garage Door Operators or Internet Gateway Deivces. If you sync this light switch to turn on and off when you open the garage; then other light features of the garage door operator will be applied. Example: If your garage door opener light turns on when motion is sensed, the 823LM will turn on as well. Chamberlain Liftmaster manufactures this product with 3 part numbers; 823LM & WSLCEV, and 139.34321 . This is compatible with all Chamberlain MyQ , Liftmaster MyQ , and Sears Craftsman Assurelink Garage door openers. MAX and EV series remotes can be programmed to this Light Switch.


• The 823LM can handle compact fluorescent, incandescent, LED, and traditional light bulbs

• Max Load Rating of this remote light switch is 300 Watts

• Incandescent Lamp : 300 Watts

• CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp : 2.5 Amps

• 120VAC Voltage

• Not for use with 3-way or 4-way switches

• Chamberlain WSLCEV

• Craftsman Assurelink 139.34321
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COMMENT: it is suppose to work with my new garage door openers by JUDY C 7/16/2017
COMMENT: Currently been using one, but no longer works. Great convenience item to have in home. by David W 6/7/2017
QUESTION: Can the 823LM be used with a 373P remote control? by Dan F 6/23/2016
ANSWER: I don't believe so. From what I've heard their wave lengths are not compatible ! by john m a
ANSWER: Sorry, I don't know the answer to that. However, I had a Sears remote and it wasn't compatible with it -- so I had a separate remote for the light. The light worked great. I could turn my light on quite away from my house. Good luck -- I really liked my light. by Barbara S a
ANSWER: Not sure I use it with my myq liftmaster app and also u it as a regular on and off switch. by Frederick H a
QUESTION: Will the LiftMaster 823LM Remote Light Switch work with my Craftsman Assurelink Opener, model 139.3043? by LANCE R S 6/30/2015
ANSWER: Yes...I have a Craftsman Assurelink with 3 of these switches and it works fine. by Kenneth M a
ANSWER: Hi Lance,<br />The Chamberlin MyQ LiftMaster light switch and garage door are connected to the Internet via the Gateway device that connects to your home router. <br />I am not familiar with your Assurelink Opener model so I don't know if it is comparable with the LiftMaster Gateway. That may be a question for Chamberlin to answer. In as much as Sears buys from major manufactures your unit may be built by by Chamberlin and may be compatible. Also, check with Sears and see if there is an Internet connection for your Opener.<br />Another key point is the MyQ App. is needed to remotely operated the Garage Door, Lights, and any other Chamberlin MyQ products.<br /><br />SIDE BAR NOTE: I am very pleased with Garage Door Opener & Light Switches that I tell them and show them how I can turn my house lights on & off from any location & check on the status of the garage door as well as open & close it. by Charles F a
QUESTION: Can the switch be used for a pool light? by John E 3/21/2015
ANSWER: Yes, If the switch itself stays indoors or in a rainproof enclosure, I see no difference between a pool light and my application which is a driveway light outside. <br /><br />The only thing you have to make sure is that your light is within the stated wattage of the switch. by Thomas M a
ANSWER: I would assume if it works like a regular single pole light switch and it is indoor, the rule of thumb it will replace a regular light switch, make sure you check your wattage ratings. by Rick E a
QUESTION: does anyone make switch like this in "THREE-WAY"???? by jerry l 1/9/2015
ANSWER: Unfortunately, do not know of any manufacturer, at this time, that makes this switch in a "THREE-WAY" configuration. by Charles F a
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