Liftmaster 877LM Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad

Liftmaster 877LM Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad

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Item# 877LM
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Liftmaster 877LM Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad
Liftmaster 877LM Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad
Product Description
The LiftMaster 877LM wireless garage door opener entry keypad from North Shore Commercial Door is designed for use with LiftMaster Security+ 2.0 garage door openers with yellow learn/programming buttons made after 2006. This LiftMaster garage door opener keypad is equipped with rolling code technology, which will change the access code every time it is used to prevent potential intruders from hacking your keyless keypad codes.

The backlit keypad allows you to see the numbered keypad in the dark. You can program codes directly from the keypad, which is protected by a weather-proof flip-top lid. You can also code in temporary passwords to allow visitors or others access to your garage. This versatile LiftMaster keypad with 9-volt battery included can work with 310MHz, 315MHz and 390MHz garage door openers and receivers.

The LiftMaster 877LM is compatible with LiftMaster garage door opener models 8065, 8155, 8165, 8355 and 8360. The 877LM LiftMaster is also compatible with LiftMaster garage door operator models 8365-267, 8500, 8550, 8557 and 8587. Shop our line of OEM LiftMaster garage door opener replacement parts.

  • HEIGHT WITH LID CLOSED: 6-1/4 inches
  • HEIGHT WITH LID OPEN: 11-7/8 inches
  • WIDTH: 2-1/2 inches
  • DEPTH: 1-1/16 inches

Product Highlights:

  • 877LM
  • For post-2006 LiftMaster Security+ 2.0 garage door openers with yellow learn buttons
  • Rolling code technology
  • Weather-proof flip-top cover
  • Easy to program
  • Can program temporary pass codes
  • Includes 9V battery
  • 1 button controls 1 door
  • Works with 310MHz, 315MHz, 380MHz openers, receivers
  • Backlit keypad
  • Compatible with LiftMaster models 8065, 8155, 8165, 8355, 8360
  • Compatible with LiftMaster models 8365-267, 8500, 8550, 8557, 8587
  • Yellow Learn Button (Security+ 2.0, 310, 315, and 390MHZ)
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COMMENT: I need it by Carl M 6/23/2017
COMMENT: beacuse my old keypad is not operating by albert w 12/23/2016
QUESTION: does this work with the lift master professional 1/3 hp garage door opener? by None N 9/11/2017
QUESTION: Will liftmaster 877LM work on liftmaster model 1200 with green smart button? by None N 12/31/2016
STAFF ANSWER: 877 max is the one you will want. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: What voltage is the back up battery on a LDC0800 door opener? by Al L 10/25/2016
ANSWER: Standard 9 volt battery available everywhere by Richard S a
QUESTION: Is this keypad compatible with a Lift Master model LM400 with a yellow learn button? by Dave A 8/23/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Yes ! by Taylor M a
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