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LiftMaster 888LM-1T MyQ Conversion Kit

Liftmaster 888LM-1T MyQ Conversion Kit
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Item# 888LM-1T
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Liftmaster 888LM-1T MyQ Conversion Kit
Liftmaster 888LM-1T MyQ Conversion Kit
Product Description

If you need to increase the range of your remote radio system in your home, or you are trying to resolve issues with interference, try the LiftMaster 888LM-1T MyQ Conversion Kit available at North Shore Commercial Door. Compatible with any garage door opener made after 1998 by LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Sears or Raynor, the LiftMaster 888LM-1T MyQ Conversion Kit will enable instant access to control a garage door opener with a computer or smartphone if you use it with the optional 828LM Internet Gateway. With the Security + 2.0 radio and MyQ technology, you need not worry about unauthorized access. The package includes:

•LiftMaster 893MAX three-button remote

•LiftMaster 888LM receiver

•Narrow-band on 310 MHz, 315 MHz, and 390 MHz Security+ 2.0™

888LM Receiver is Compatible with:

Red/Orange/Amber Learn Button (Security+, 390MHZ)
- Models: 1245R/1255R, 1265R, 2220, 2245/2255, 2265, 2280, 2500, 2575, 2585, 2595

Purple Learn Button (Security+, 315MHZ)
- Models: 1345/1355, 1356, 3220, 3240, 3265, 3270, 3280, 3800, 3500, 3850, 3585, 3595
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COMMENT: Purchased to correct a interfernce problem in neighborhood and to increase range by Ray B 5/11/2017
COMMENT: The reason because it's a combination by Angel G 2/25/2017
QUESTION: If I upgrade to 888LM contol panel only, will my remotes still work on a Chamberlain post 2002? by Lawrence T 12/13/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Yes they should by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Will I need two routers, if I have two garage doors, and plan to purchase two 888LM control panels to replace my old panels. I also plan to purchase the 829 LM Garage Door monitor, and will one unit monitor both garage door openers? Thank you. by Anthony J 8/17/2015
ANSWER: 1 router is all you need to operate 2 doors. My setup is similar, 2 wall panels, 1 internet gateway which will let you monitor and operate both doors remotely. Hope that helps by Buddy C a
QUESTION: Hello. Can I add this wall mount to my Craftsman Assure Link gateway for my other garage door and control the second garage door via smartphone app provided the opener is compatible? I really don't want to buy a second gateway if I don't have to. Thanks <br />Sam by Sam G 1/21/2014
STAFF ANSWER: You can add many devices to the internet gateway. It can control like 15+ devices. SO if your other door operator is newer than 1998 you can add the 888LM to it and it will allow you to control it through the internet gateway. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Can 2 two 888LM's be connected to my Liftmaster 8500 Opener to operate it by motion and push button in two different places of my garage? by None N 8/7/2013