Liftmaster 894LT Gate and Garage Door Opener Remote

Liftmaster 894LT Gate and Garage Door Opener Remote

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Item# 894LT
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Liftmaster 894LT Gate and Garage Door Opener Remote
Liftmaster 894LT Gate and Garage Door Opener Remote
Product Description

The LiftMaster 894LT Gate and Garage Door Opener Remote is a replacement for numerous LiftMaster Models including the 974LM, 374LM, 811LM, 813LM, 331LM, 361LM, 362LM, 363LM, 333LM, 61LM and 63LM. It works with Security+2.0 garage door openers, commercial door openers and receivers. You can always go to the website for assistance and to have questions answered by staff and other satisfied customers in the Q&A section.

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COMMENT: My nearly 20 year old remote broke. I had previously ordered a replacement for the other one that broke a couple years ago from this company. That remote is discontinued and this is the replacement. The one previously ordered has worked well. by Robert D 10/26/2016
COMMENT: Multiple gates to open. by Peter I 1/6/2016
QUESTION: Will this work with a Overhead door garage opener purple learn button? by Shantanu G 2/2/2015
STAFF ANSWER: No it will not work on Overhead Door Co. Branded doors. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I have three properties, one with a gate that is controlled by the Linear Multi-Code 3089, can this remote learn or "be paired" with a signal coming from the Linear Multi-Code 3089 remote? by None N 4/20/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Unfortunately, you cannot use it for that. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I live in gated community and have a remote with 2 buttons, one for gate and one for my garage. First button is set by using another remote to match code for front gate, second button is set by using learning button on opener.<br /><br />I bought a cabin so now I need a remote that will open front gate, and garage door, and my cabin garage door.<br /><br />is the 894LT the right product? by Toby W 2/6/2014
ANSWER: When we purchased this item it was to see if we could use it to open four entrances. We have since been able to program it for those four entrances and it works great. We are very happy with it. by Lisa D a
QUESTION: Hello, I've read elsewhere that this remote is also compatible with security + 390 MHz openers orange learn button. is this true? by None N 12/22/2013
STAFF ANSWER: YEs it is. by Matthew O a
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