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Liftmaster Car2U® Repeater Kit CAR2U RPTR

Liftmaster Car2U® Repeater Kit CAR2U RPTR
Liftmaster Car2U® Repeater Kit CAR2U RPTR
Liftmaster Car2U® Repeater Kit CAR2U RPTR
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This item is currently out of stock!
This item is currently out of stock!
Liftmaster Car2U® Repeater Kit CAR2U RPTR
Liftmaster Car2U® Repeater Kit CAR2U RPTR
Product Description
Liftmaster Car2U® Repeater Kit CAR2U RPTR is for the new security 2.0 garage door openers systems made by Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Sears, and other private labeled openers manufactured by Chamberlain group. In order to program your cars built in Car2U® garage door opener you will need to order this kit. If you have any questions or need additional help the North Shore Commercial Door crew is standing by ready to help you. Feel free to call us or use our chat feature at the bottom of this page.

· The Lear Car2U® repeater kit allows compatibility between new Chamberlain®, Sears Craftsman® or LiftMaster® Garage Door Openers and the Car2U system in your vehicle.

· The Car2U system is a garage door opener integrated into your vehicle.

· The Lear Car2U kit contains a transmitter and a detailed instruction manual.

· The Lear Car2U repeater kit is not affiliated in any way with the HomeLink® Repeater Kit.
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COMMENT: I need it to make my new garage opener work with my 2008 Chev Suburban by Scott S 3/30/2017
COMMENT: brand name. by ronald m 9/16/2016
QUESTION: what battery fits the homelite remote opener cr2106, cr2450, cr2032? by hanss h 8/8/2016
QUESTION: how many openers will the repeater work with? by Bob E 3/4/2016
ANSWER: It doesn't work with remotes, you use this to program your car2u equipped vehicle when your vehicles preprogrammed frequency isn't compatible with the motor, in my case the new liftmaster motors with the yellow antenna, a lot of cars do not go down to the new 307 mhz frequency by Jon K a
ANSWER: I will answer this with one. I have only one garage door. Now it works with multiple openers for that one door. by Caroline S a
ANSWER: I have mine working 2 with no problem. I would think it would work with as many as are in its range. by Kent W a
ANSWER: 1 repeater for 1 door, and 1 vehicle... But don't hold the program very long by Colette S a
QUESTION: I have a 2011 silverado and it has the car2u system in it. I need it to operate a Liftmaster gate opener. Will this be all I need to do that?<br />I also have a 2015 silverado with Homelink and it works fine on the Liftmaster gate opener. by Robert T 8/11/2015
ANSWER: What am I doing wrong? I cannot get this to work on my liftmaster gate. by Robert T a
ANSWER: Yes, the CAR2U RPTR will work for the gate opener. The CAR2U RPTR primary function is to transfer your old signal into the new improve garage door opener signal. I have a 2011 Cadillac Escalade last year GM install the old garage signal but my CAR2U RPTR fixes the problem and allowed me to upgrade my garage door opener. Garage door, gate opener, will work. by Chris M a
REPLY: Chris, I purchased the car2u repeater and did everything like I was suppose to do and the car2u will not open my liltmaster model LA400 gate opener. Not sure if I am doing something wrong. The car2u works on my other garage door openers, but not with this liftmaster, not even with the repeater installed. Help, thanks. by Robert T r
ANSWER: Yes, just plug in the repeater box near the opener box and then follow the learn code instructions in the opener/vehicle's manuals. There is no need to sync this repeater. by Bradley M a
ANSWER: Yes it should be all you need but be prep aired for it no work as well as you might expecte by Wilbur D a
ANSWER: Used it because I own a 2013 Ford Raptor. with a Car2U system installed in the truck. It took some time to program the truck but it did work. by Chen V a
ANSWER: Thanks John I will order the repeater kit. From what you said, it should work for my truck as well. by Robert T a
ANSWER: I have a 2012 GMC Denali with the Car2U and the repeater worked for me. Just plug, program and play. The only downside is that the repeater is powered by AC and if power is out you must revert to keypad or an original opener remote for access, as the garage door opener is also battery powered and designed to work when the power is out. Hope this helps. by John T a
ANSWER: You need to go to the car2U website and buy the transmitter. by Ernest L a
ANSWER: Homelink and Car2u are different systems so you will need to buy two different repeaters. by O D a
QUESTION: Do I have to do anything to sync the Homelite box to the garage door opener? by Stan Z 7/8/2015
ANSWER: To Whom It May Concern:<br /><br />There's nothing different us in the Car2U Repeater other than holding the button for 2/3 second longer to allow the Repeater to process the signal, then transmit to the garage door opener.<br /><br />In regards to sync, recommend 2 person job, press the smart button on the garage foo opener and instantly press and hold the overhead console button until the garage door move. <br /><br />I have a 2011 Cadillac Escalade EXT...working fine. by Chris M a
ANSWER: No, you do not. Just plug it in and follow the instructions for programming your remote operating device. by Kent W a
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