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LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A5507-B DC Belt Drive Logic Board

Liftmaster Chamberlain 41A5507-B DC Belt Drive Logic Board
Liftmaster Chamberlain 41A5507-B DC Belt Drive Logic Board
Liftmaster Chamberlain 41A5507-B DC Belt Drive Logic Board
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This item is discontinued.
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Sommer Direct Drive 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener Model 1042V001
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Product Description
If your LiftMaster Chamberlain 2500 DC Belt Drive garage door system isn’t operating correctly, you may not need to replace the entire system or call a professional. Many times, the reason for the system’s failing is due to a faulty circuit board. The circuit board is the system’s brain, and an unresponsive keypad, remote control or faulty sensor may all be due to the circuit board. If you have a faulty 2500 system, you may only need to replace your LiftMaster Logic Board 41A5507. Repair the system yourself by following a few simple steps.

Press the plastic release tabs to remove the opener lens and bulb. Remove the access door and sensor wires from the terminal screws.
Unscrew top edge panel screws and the screws fastening the old board to the panel. Remove the wire harness.
In the correct position, plug wire harness into the new 41A5507B logic board and fasten the assembly back to the chassis. Thread the door and safety sensor wires through the slot on top of panel and fasten the new logic board to the panel.
Connect door control and safety sensor wires to the appropriate terminals. Replace access door and opener lens.

For further details on how to safely replace your logic board, the Chamberlain 41A5507-B manual can be found in our comprehensive list of Product Manuals, and you can ensure your system is compatible with the 41A5507 logic board by viewing our Chamberlain LiftMaster Circuit Board Compatibility Chart.

Many times, an inoperable circuit board is caused by powers surges or lightning. When replacing your circuit board, we recommend the 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector to protect your new logic board.
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: High rated seller, good price, clear description. by Frank P 10/17/2016
COMMENT: I have 2 of these openers on 2 single garage doors - going on 12 years. This is the third control board I've replaced. In each instance, the wireless/receiver function goes out. Hoping it's the same issue this time..... by Robert F 8/13/2016
QUESTION: I need logic board 41A5507-B. I don't want to replace the whole unit? by None N 10/5/2017
ANSWER: The circuit board for that model is not made anymore because of the age. I had the same issue and had to replace my whole unit. by Joe M a
QUESTION: Does this unit work in the 390Mhz band or the 315Mhz? by Douglas W 7/29/2015
ANSWER: 390 by Steve D a
ANSWER: 390 only and i had interference with new logic board, had to use alternate receiver to use at 315 mhz by Tim V a
STAFF ANSWER: 390 mhz by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Just purchased and installed this logic board. Made all of the garage door adjustments with the wired wall mounted control. Wall mount control works but keyless entry and wireless remotes don't work. I purchased a new remote but it to won't work. I have followed the instruction for programming the remotes but with not luck. Do you have any suggestions? by Nathan D 9/27/2014
ANSWER: I did the same and ended up buying a new Garage Door opener. by Tom M a
STAFF ANSWER: Maybe you are programming wrong. Call 800-528-9131 for assistance programming your wireless device. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: How do yopu remove the old one? O don't see any screws or bolts and it doesn't seem to just snap on? Thank you! by bill h 10/27/2012
ANSWER: hello bill,<br />i just looked at my garage door opener. the control panel is plastic,<br />and it has tabs on both sides of the top. you will probably break<br />the tabs on the old unit trying to remove it, but then you will see<br />better how it works and reinstalling the new one is very easy.<br />be sure to unplug the unit while working on it. <br />mark the control panel wires so reinstallation is correct.<br />the adjustment instructions are at the chamberlain website.<br />if i can do it, any one can by P P a
ANSWER: Take the back panel off and the old circuit board is held in place by plastic snap holders that can be released with a flat screw driver. Just don't break them! Good Luck! by F O a
ANSWER: i am out of town right now, will be back tomorrow.<br />i believe it has plastic tabs that snap in place, i will<br />verify that when i get back home and send more info. by P P a
ANSWER: I have the instructions, but it is two pages long, and is too long to answer here. I called Liftmaster Technical Support at 1-800-528-5880, gave them the number of the logic board, and they e-mailed the instructions to me. It's not difficult, but there are 15 instructions that have figures to help in the installation and in programming the new logic board. So, I recommend contacting Liftmaster. Sorry that this answer didn't immediately give you the info you need, but I found the Technical Support people to very very helpful and responsive in getting the instructions to me quickly. by W O a
ANSWER: Yeah it snaps on. There are 2 tabs, one on each side near the top that hold it in place. You can't see them until it comes loose. by J K a
ANSWER: Yes, it snaps in from the top. by K E a
ANSWER: I had to remove 3 screws to take mine apart from the garage door opener casing. They might have been recessed but were easy to find. by G O a
ANSWER: The whhole back comes off with about 6 screws. The board is mounted to the new back that comes with the board. by L S a
ANSWER: There are instructions included with the replacement board. You remove the plastic light cover opposite end from the board and there are screws holding the main metal cover in place. The board itself is held with ears which fit into slots on the frame. Need to mark the wires in/out from the old board. by R C a
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