LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A4252-7G Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A4252-7G Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

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Product Description
The model 41A4252-7G circuit board is a replacement logic board that works with garage door openers from several major brands, including Sears Craftsman, LiftMaster and others. This circuit board is a direct replacement part for the LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A4252-7G garage door opener circuit board. It is not compatible with Security+ systems but works with various non-code-rolling LiftMaster openers, as well as other brands. Note that the final digit of the model number (in this case, "G") has no significance except to indicate the model year, so this circuit board will replace any other circuit board numbered 41A4252-7.

Compatible models of garage door openers include these LiftMaster models:








This circuit board is also compatible with these Chamberlain garage door opener models:






This circuit board is a replacement for the following receiver board models:










Other compatible non-Security+ systems include Master Mechanic, Sears, Tru-Value and Wayne Dalton. For a complete list of LiftMaster circuit boards and the appropriate applications, see our Chamberlain LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Compatibility Chart.

We recommend using the LiftMaster 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector when replacing safety sensors or circuit boards and North Shore Commercial Door offers a special combo price when you buy both the surge protector and the circuit board at the same time.
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COMMENT: To replace the broken unit that has been a great door by Richard H 12/19/2016
COMMENT: Because I work at a apartment community and have 88 garages that use this opener by michael t 12/8/2016
QUESTION: 41A4252-7D Lift Master Garage Door opener makes a humming noise when "open" switch is depressed and Motor does not turn, door doesn't open. What's wrong? by John W S 2/13/2016
ANSWER: Check the gears for broken parts or some thing jammed. If there is nothing mechanical stopping the motor my next guess is the motor start capacitor. by William P a
ANSWER: It sounds like the plastic gear is worn out inside the unit. This is a common failure mode. Look inside the housing and you should see a bunch of finely ground plastic in the bottom of the unit. This is from the worn gear. by Duane B a
ANSWER: Sounds like the gear is broken by Dave C a
QUESTION: My old unit has a light on this board side, does this one? by None N 10/8/2014
ANSWER: Yes it has a light. This is the light thst flashes the error codes for trouble shooting, by William N a
ANSWER: This is the rear external view of the control and comm ckt. board. Installed, this would facing away from the garage door, If your question is, does it include a switched 120VAC light controlled by opening and closing the garage door, it does not. My opener has a switched light on the front side of the opener, which this ckt board does control well.<br /><br />It is possible you could wire in a separate light fixture for this purpose, but you would need the wiring diagram to be sure. by hank w a
ANSWER: To your question no that one doesn't have a light if you want the one with the light it would have deluxe model. Or you can just remove the new board from houseing and add it to the old houseing. <br /><br /><br /> Thanks John.<br /><br /> J&J garage door service by John S a
ANSWER: Yes, it does. It flashes to give you code 1-4 if something is wrong. by Steve of Rochester Hills S a
QUESTION: Craftsman 1/3 HP opener model 139.53325SRT<br />Works from the wall mounted switch. None of my remotes work. Neither does the keyed entry. The remotes in the cars do not work either. Looks likes the circuit board has failed. Am I on the right track? How long is the delivery? by Gaylord D 9/18/2014
ANSWER: It worked perfectly. Prompt delivery. Easy to install.... by Don L a
ANSWER: I had the same problem and it was a bad circuit board. I just took a couple of days to get here was easy to replace. by Chris K a
REPLY: Did the same thing. Installation was straight forward. Needed to use the original plastic plate holding the circuit board in order for the cover to fit correctly. by Gaylord D r
STAFF ANSWER: yes , you are right on track. Delivery USUALLY takes 2-3 days. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: This will be my second board replaced in 4 years - due to lightning storms. I have a surge protector with trip and reset buttons, never tripped when board malfunctioned. Is the Lightmaster surge protector any better, or is it just my bad luck with lightning storms? Thanks, by peter s 8/6/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Yes the liftmaster one is better and designed for their systems. You may want to make sure it is plugged into a properly grounded outlet as well. by Matthew O a
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