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Liftmaster Chamberlain Garage Door Opener 315MHz Logic Board 41A5021-4M-315

Liftmaster Chamberlain Garage Door Opener 315MHz Logic Board  41A5021-4M-315
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Item# 41A5021-4M-315
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Liftmaster Chamberlain Garage Door Opener 315MHz Logic Board 41A5021-4M-315
Liftmaster Chamberlain Garage Door Opener 315MHz Logic Board  41A5021-4M-315
Product Description
A malfunctioning garage door opener system is inconvenient, but if small children are in your home, it is also extremely dangerous. An unresponsive keypad or remote may be frustrating, but erratic or inconsistent safety sensors are much more of a problem. Fortunately, these problems are common with a faulty logic board, and replacing your garage door system’s circuit board is an economical and easy fix to restore your system back to proper functioning.

The 41A5021-4M-315 circuit board is compatible with numerous LiftMaster 315MHz systems. To ensure your system is compatible with this circuit board, please review the Chamberlain LiftMaster Circuit Board Compatibility Chart. Simple to install, the replacement Chamberlain 41A5021-4M-315 for sale features a Learn button to also provide easy programming. For step-by-step instructions on how to install, program and adjust your new circuit board, please refer to the 41A5021-4M 315 Manual. The 315MHz replacement logic board requires photo eye sensors to operate, and after installation, it’s crucial to test your safety reversal system by following these steps.

Place a one inch board, or 2x4, under the center of door with the door fully open.
Close the door. The door should immediately reverse directions when the garage door hits the board.
If the door only stops on the board, instead of reversing directions, increase the Down limit by turning the adjustment screw 1/4 counterclockwise.

As a recommended safety precaution, we suggest testing your safety reversal system at least once a month. If your safety reversal system continues to malfunction, it’s important to call a professional. We also recommend using a 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector to protect your replacement 41A5021-4M-315 circuit board, as most faulty circuit boards are due to power surges.
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COMMENT: Replacement for Chamberlain faulty logic board by DeWayne S 9/13/2017
COMMENT: Best Price by Ross W 3/14/2017
QUESTION: The door starts down, then goes back up. The light blinks several times. Does not happen all the time. What is the problem? by Bill B 3/21/2017
STAFF ANSWER: This sounds to me like a safety beam issue. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: door does not close all the way unless I hold the button down. Why? by None N 6/22/2016
STAFF ANSWER: There either is a issue with the circuit board or safety beams. Make sure there is nothing in the way of the safety beams. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Are the logic board 41A5021-1M-315 new ? by Joel R 12/1/2015
STAFF ANSWER: yes by Taylor M a
QUESTION: 16 yr old 1/2 hp chamberlain opener just stopped, 5 blinks of light. we unplugged for 2 weeks, it worked 3 time in 3 hours. has quite again. any suggestions? How do I find a new motor box and all. do not need chain rail, sensors don't think, all lights green anything else cept the box. and all inside. by j w 9/26/2015
STAFF ANSWER: I would recommend getting a new circuit board. by Matthew O a
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