LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A5483C Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A5483C Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

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Item# 41A5483
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LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A5483C Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A5483C Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Product Description
Replace a faulty circuit board in your LiftMaster model 2265 or 2565 garage door opener and restore it to proper operation with a replacement circuit board from North Shore Commercial Door. This circuit board, part number 41A5483, is also identical to part number 41A5483B and part number 41A5483C. The final letter in the part number indicates the model year of the circuit board, so circuit boards with part numbers that are the same except for this final letter can be interchanged. Replacing the circuit board, sometimes called the logic board, on an existing garage door opener and operator is a faster and less-expensive option than replacing the entire unit, so you can quickly get your door back to proper working order without excess costs.

With more than 35 years in the business, North Shore Commercial Door has the experience and knowledge to help you get the right parts you need to repair your garage door opener and operator. You can start with our Chamberlain LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Compatibility Chart, to see which circuit boards are compatible with which models. You can also directly tap into the knowledge of both our staff and our customers, many of whom are professional installers, by asking your questions in our Comments/Questions section.

When you replace a safety sensor or circuit board, North Shore Commercial Door recommends that you also install a LiftMaster 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector. We offer a discount combo price when you purchase both the surge protector and the circuit board together.

North Shore Commercial Door is a family-owned company and we’re proud of our decades of service for both commercial and residential customers.
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COMMENT: the storm damaged the old one by laddie k 7/7/2017
COMMENT: ours is broken by fred n 6/22/2017
QUESTION: We have just moved in and would like to change the security code of our 41A5483-20A opener for obvious reasons. Could the opener be reprogrammed for a different security code or is it necessary to purchase a new board? by Daniel M 9/26/2016
ANSWER: Reprogramming is a simple process. Go on their website for instructions if no manual available. by Lee c a
QUESTION: I replaced the logic board 41a5483b with a new board, 41a5483c. When I press the remote button the door begins to close and travels 6 inches and then reverses. What should I check? by Dave B 12/24/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Check the safety eyes ! by Taylor M a
QUESTION: I need a remote for 41a5482-5c IC 102 1499a craftsman door opener. What is the remote part number oem or generic as long as it works with my opener. Thanks? by MItch M 6/26/2015
ANSWER: concur.......universal liftmasters will work by Steve D a
ANSWER: I have this same opener unit and I dont know if the remote is original or not. It came with the house when we purchased. The remote is Chamberlain Clicker Universal Remote. Look for the video online and you will see it has two large grey buttons and a black body. Works great for me. by michael s a
ANSWER: I do not have the original remotes. I have 3 universal remotes from Lowes that are easy to program. by Roy D a
QUESTION: My liftmaster logic board is #41A5483 opener is a model 2265 no other letter or number following. Will this board work as a replacement or can you recommend the correct one? by Bob L 1/18/2015
ANSWER: The best I can advise you, is that the board I replaced did not have the letter after it neither. The new one worked perfectly, and has been for about a month now.<br />Good Luck by Michael O a
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