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Linear Delta 3 DD DNP00006 Universal gate or Garage Door Receiver Set DD = Two DT & One DR

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Linear Delta 3 DD DNP00006 Universal gate or Garage Door Receiver Set DD = Two DT & One DR
Linear Delta 3 DD DNP00006 Universal gate or Garage Door Receiver Set DD = Two DT & One DR
Product Description
The Linear DNP00006 is a universal gate and garage door receiver set that's extremely easy to program, install and use. This 24-volt, single-channel, three-terminal Delta-3 receiver is compatible with all Delta-3 transmitters, which makes it a convenient replacement when part of your existing system goes down. Most people find that they can install it and begin using it within just a few minutes.

The Linear Delta 3 DD DNP00006 universal gate or garage door receiver set comes with one digital receiver and two single-button digital transmitters. There are 256 codes to choose from, which are set by dip switches, so it provides you with a high level of security where you need it most. It's compatible with wireless keypads as well, making it one of the most versatile receiver sets on the market.
  • 24-volt power
  • One receiver and two transmitters included
  • Operates on the Delta-3 system
  • 256 selectable codes
  • Fast, easy installation
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: missing remotes by LEONID Y 5/5/2017
COMMENT: this is the receiver I needed by Paul T 4/27/2017
QUESTION: does it come with power supply? by None N 3/17/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Yes. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Will the remote control button which came in my new car, work with this receiver? by Jerry D 5/30/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it will! by Matthew O a
QUESTION: What is the distance range of this kit? by None N 7/24/2013
ANSWER: At our home, line of site, probably 50 yards. by B E a
ANSWER: About 20 to 25 ft by B E a
QUESTION: p.s. Ihave an older model with 8 set dip switche's, did that come with the garagedoor opener,or do u have to buy that seperately to open door from your car? by james c 6/9/2013
ANSWER: The kit I got had the receiver and two remotes. I also ordered the keypad for outside the door which was another $20. I think the whole order was under $100. My motor and other hardware worked fine so that was all I needed. by Y B a
ANSWER: It came as a set of the actual reciever/actuator that is attched to the motor drive and 2 emitter controlers you use from your car by B E a
ANSWER: As well as I can remember, everything came with the set I bought, no need for anything else. by B E a
ANSWER: I received exactly what is pictured, 2 remotes and 1 receiver and receiver mounting bracket. To directly answer your question, all 3 units have the 8 set dip switches. by Joseph D a
STAFF ANSWER: If you already have the linear remotes on your Raynor then you do not need to get the receiver that this kit comes with. The remotes are model: DT. by Matthew O a
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