Liftmaster DHJ Door Lock Hoist/Jackshaft Operator - Logic 5

Liftmaster DHJ Door Lock Hoist/Jackshaft Operator - Logic 5
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Liftmaster DHJ Door Lock Hoist/Jackshaft Operator - Logic 5
Liftmaster DHJ Door Lock Hoist/Jackshaft Operator - Logic 5
Product Description
Hoist/Jackshaft Doorlock operators come with a chain hoist which is accessible at floor level. This allows the door to be opened manually in the event of an emergency or power outage. These operators include a door lock safety sensor to protect the door against damage caused by attempting to automatically open a locked door. DHJ operators are typically attached to the door's torsion shaft by chain and sprocket and indirectly drives the door.

For the shop owner on the go! The new DHJ Logic 5 operators have built in MyQ and Security+2.0 Technology! When paired with the 828LM owners can operate their garage doors from remote locations.

The Standard LiftMaster Logic 5 Commercial Operator base units include a 1/2 Horse Power (HP) unit, model #DHJ501L5 which runs on a Voltage you choose.

Included in the kit:

• Safety Beams

• Sprocket

• Chain

• Built In Security+ 2.0 radio receiver

• Installation instructions.

Customizable options are available, but are considered to be upgrades on the operator. You can select these customizations in the drop down boxes above.

Options available include:
• 115 or 230VAC 1PH comes standard
• Upgrade to 208/230/or 460VAC (DHJ503L5)
• Upgrade to 208VAC 3PH (DHJ503L5)
• Upgrade to 575VAC 3PH (DHJ505L5)

Horse Power:
• 1/2HP comes standard
• Upgrade to 3/4 Horse Power (DHJ751L5)

Door Type:
• Sectional Door
• Rolling Door

Shaft Size:
• 1" Shaft 1/4" Key
• 1 1/4" Shaft 1/4" Key

Door Height:
• 12 ft
• 14 ft
• 16 ft
• 18 ft
• 20 ft
• 22 ft
• 24 ft
• 26 ft

• Left
• Right

Optional MyQ Accessories:

828LM - The 828LM internet gateway is an innovative product which enables customers to remotely access their operators. The new Logic 5 Commercial Operators have MyQ Receivers built in, but need the 828LM to function.

829LM - The 829LM Garage Door Monitor is a MyQ product which alerts users to the status of their garage door. You will receive a notification any time that the door is opened or closed.

825LM - The 825LM Remote Light Control allows you to turn on or off lights with your phone, tablet, or garage door opener.

823LM - The 823LM is a light switch that allows you to turn lights on and off with your tablet, phone, or garage door opener.

Remote Control Accessories:

811LM - The 811LM is a single button transmitter encrypted with the Security+ 2.0 technology. This transmitter has the capability to control one door.

813LM - The 813LM is a 3 button transmitter that has been encrypted with the Security+2.0 technology. This transmitter has the capability to control up to three different doors/devices. This transmitter is color coated with red, green, and yellow buttons. A special feature with this transmitter is that it can perform an open/close/stop function.

893MAX - The 893Max is a 3 button transmitter that is encrypted with Security+2.0 technology. This transmitter can control up to 3 different doors, as well as perform an open close and stop function.

Additional accessories:
North Shore Commercial Door offers a wide variety of accessories for both residential and commercial use. We have a number of safety edge options, control stations, motion sensors, and much more for all of your needs!
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