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Liftmaster Model 2575 3575 3575s 3275 Chain Drive

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Introducing our newest tool- the interactive Exploded Parts View. Here you will find the genuine LiftMaster repair and replacement parts you need for the LiftMaster Professional Series Security+ģ ĺ HP Chain Drive Models 2575, 3575, 3575S and 3275. Itís easy to use, even if you donít know the part number. Just hover over the numbers or letters in the diagram for pop up information about the item. When you find the right part, click BUY NOW in the pop up window to go to the product page and add it to your shopping cart.

Be sure to use our new Interactive Exploded Parts View to find the item you need! Using it is easy, just follow the directions below!

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Key Part # Description
1 41A5615 Liftmaster Chain Spreader Kit
2 41A5585-1 LiftMaster 41A5585 Gear and Sprocket Assembly
3 41A2817 Chamberlain LiftMaster 41A2817 Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Gear Kit
4 41B4245-1 Liftmaster 41B4245-1 Line Cord 6 ft
5 41A5484 #5 Liftmaster 41A5484-1 End panel w/ all labels
6 4A1344 Liftmaster 4A1344 Light socket
7 108D79 Liftmaster 108D79 Garage Door Opener Lens Cover
8A 30B530 Liftmaster 30B530 Capacitor 56uF
30B652 Liftmaster 30B652 Capacitor
8B 30B529 Liftmaster 30B529 Motor Capacitor
8C 41A5637 Liftmaster 41A5637 Resistor
9 41A3150 Liftmaster 41A3150 Terminal block w/ screws
10 41D5563-1 Liftmaster 41D5563-1 3/4hp Motor
11 41A5633 Liftmaster 41A5633-13 Cover
12 41A2818 Liftmaster 41A2818 Limit switch drive & retainer
13 41D3452-2 Liftmaster 41D3452 Limit switch assembly
14 41A5532 Liftmaster 41A5532 Gear Case
15 41A2822-1 Liftmaster 41A2822-1 Interrupter cup
16 41C4398A Liftmaster 41C4398A RPM sensor assembly
17 41A5635 LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A5635A Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
41AC075-2 LiftMaster Chamberlain 41AC075-2 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
41AC075-2S LiftMaster 41AC075-2S Receiver Logic Board Assembly
18 41C5588 Liftmaster 41C5588 High Voltage Wire Harness
18A 41C5587 Liftmaster 41C5587 Low Voltage Wire Harness
41C6661 Liftmaster Wire Harness Kit, Low Voltage, 3/4HP (model 3575S only)
41C5548 Liftmaster 41C5548 Low voltage wire harness
19 41D180-1 Liftmaster 41D180-1 End Panel
41A2825 Liftmaster Opener Assembly Hardware Kit