Liftmaster 373P Premium Remote Control Garage Door Opener


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Gatheron GTR-3-315 3 Channel Door and Gate Remote Transmitter 315MhzGatheron GTR-3-315 3 Channel Door and Gate Remote Transmitter 315Mhz

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The 373P remotes have been discontinued. The 895MAX replaces them.
This item is discontinued.
Please view this replacement item:
Liftmaster 893MAX 3 Button Visor Remote Control Garage Door Opener
This item is discontinued. Please view this replacement item:
Product Description
•When you order this we are going to send the non motion activated 895MAX.

If you’ve ever struggled in the dark to find your garage door opener, the LiftMaster 373P Premium Remote Control Garage Door Opener from North Shore Commercial Door solves the problem by lighting whenever your hand is close to it. Our site is always available for you to ask questions. 

It features the following attributes:

•Sleek and stylish, leather-like grip

•Motion-detecting feature streams brilliant blue lights from the push-button windows

•Can control up to three doors or gates

•Directional visor clip included

•Batteries included; built-in technology uses sleep mode to conserve battery power

•Equipped with Security+ anti-theft technology

•Compatible with LiftMaster 3000 series garage door openers and all 315MHz LiftMaster and ELITE™ gate operators

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COMMENT: Easy to order and the price was PHENOMENAL! Very reasonable shipping AND they told me they have tech support. This sounds great! If they live up to all this I would say this is an AWESOME company! by Chandra W 8/23/2016
COMMENT: Replacement for existing openers that look exactly the same by Charles W 8/23/2016
QUESTION: We reprogram the Lift master 373P remote it works then seems to lose the code after time. Does it need new batteries? by Curt B 8/18/2016
ANSWER: Expect batteries to last up to two years. Since you have been able to re-program the remote, you may be experiencing a weak battery or corrosion on the battery terminals. New batteries are likely to fix your problem. by philip i a
ANSWER: haven't had that problem yet,and I also programed my I-phone to the door. by john b a
ANSWER: My last lift master would stop working similar to yours. Especially in cold mornings. It turns out the batteries just needed replacement. by Damian H a
ANSWER: I'm really happy with the garage door opener from already had batteries in it and since the old one was totally broken I threw it away... I never tried a new battery by Delores H a
QUESTION: Will this open old lift master garage doors? Ours is probably abt 20 years old. Looking for replacement remotes. Have 2 grage doors. by None N 7/18/2016
ANSWER: Not really sure ,mind was 10 years old and it did work by ed v a
ANSWER: our garage door was put in in 2005...this remote works fine with it....look on your garage door opener and see if it is liftmaster and then see if it has a reset button....the remote comes with instructions on how to clear and enter pass codes....follow the instructions step by step and it is probably going to work...ours is great by richard c a
ANSWER: It works every bit as good as the old one. We have used it now for several months and has worked fine. by Doug V a
QUESTION: How do I program new remote with 8550 lift master garage door opener? by None N 7/5/2016
ANSWER: It is very simple. Press into the tiny hole in the side of the remote & a light will come on. Press the "Learn" button on your opener some have the button on the opener & some also have the "Learn" button on the side of the remote that attaches to your wall either will work but using the wall mounted one is easiest!. Then hold down the corresponding button on the remote for a couple of seconds & the opener light will blink! You are done.....for another door/opener start the process completely over & press the button on the remote you want to use for that door....product works GREAT & I'm very satisfied...also purchased a key chain remote that is nice to keep on a lawnmower or golf cart! Good Luck! by JOANNE S a
ANSWER: The new remote comes with instructions that are different than for the original remote. You initiate the link as before with the master control pressing the signal out to start paring. Details are clear in the instructions. by philip i a
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