Liftmaster 375LM Universal Remote Control Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster 375LM Universal Remote Control Garage Door Opener

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This item is discontinued.
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LiftMaster 375UT Universal Remote Transmitter
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Product Description

The LiftMaster 375LM Universal Remote Control Garage Door Opener from North Shore Commercial Door is versatile enough to work with numerous brands. These include LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, Wayne-Dalton, Overhead Door, Stanley and Genie. Come to our site and use the Q&A section for rapid assistance.

It features the following:

•Replaces lost garage door opener remote control, or adds an extra remote for multi-car families

•Dual frequency/dual manufacturer design – operates 1 or 2 garage doors even if they're different brands

•Attaches to your car visor

•Easy to program

•1-year limited warranty

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COMMENT: According to Mark at North Shore this remote was designed to replace older remotes like ours. by Roger D 7/15/2015
COMMENT: Replaced identical unit. by Bruce K 6/26/2015
QUESTION: what frequency is this remote? I'm trying to replace an overhead remote early 1990s that uses dip switches and the 390 MHz frequency. I assume the 1 remote will work both garage doors independently ? by Seab H 9/17/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Call us with your current remotes in hand 800-783-6112. Thank you by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Is the Liftmaster 375LM universal remote identical to the Chamberlain KLIK1U Clicker universal remote? by J M 7/19/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it is. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: how many liftmaster universal remote controls will work on a single residential opener? by None N 6/6/2014
STAFF ANSWER: It depends on which openers you are programming them to. If you are programming using the "dip switches" ; then you can an infinite amount. If you are programming using a "Synn/learn" button on your operator head then you can usually use 6 but each are different and commercial receivers or operators can program about 25 on average. Please call us if you need more information in regards to this. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: As many as you program. by Gus G a
ANSWER: I currently have three of these controls that we use for our two garage door openers. So as far as I know, at least three will work! by A M a
ANSWER: I have 3 different remotes programmed to one single residential opener- I'm sure that I can program more remotes to the same opener. by richard h a
ANSWER: I have three of them programed for a single door. by J M a
ANSWER: I have 2 on mine by paul l a
QUESTION: Will this product work with the Liftmaster 8550? Also, can this remote be used to sync homelink no matter what opener? by Trent D 4/29/2014
ANSWER: I do not have one. I replaced batteries and now it will not open the door! by Paul L a
ANSWER: How do I program this remote to the garage opener? by Paul L a
STAFF ANSWER: IT can be programmed to 8550 but we cannotsay for sure that it will program to all homelink garage door openers because all homelink car sytems are different. The 855LM will work with homelink systems. by Matthew O a
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