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LiftMaster Model MT BMT Medium-Duty Trolley Operator Parts

For LiftMaster MT and LiftMaster BMT medium-duty commercial trolley garage door operator parts, trust North Shore Commercial Door. We guarantee all parts, and we offer lowest prices on replacement parts for your commercial operator. With our faster delivery times, you can also avoid lengthy work slowdowns or stoppages. Our illustrated parts diagrams make it easier to find the part number that matches the part you want before you place your order.

Buy a LiftMaster MT and BMT model replacement motor, brake parts or electrical box. We have solenoid brackets, pulley and disc assemblies, and parts installation hardware for your LiftMaster BMT or MT commercial garage door operator. Find discount prices on LiftMaster MT/BMT clutch plates, clutch springs and replacement clutch shafts.

Replace a header bracket or a door bracket. We offer affordable prices on front idler assemblies and LiftMaster commercial operator straight-arm assemblies. Get great deals on LiftMaster electrical box parts, too. We offer free shipping on qualifying orders, and inexpensive shipping on all other orders.
Key Part # Description
1 K-MT5011U LiftMaster K-MT5011U Electrical Box - MT5011 115V
K-BMT5011U LiftMaster K-BMT5011U Electrical Box - BMT5011 115V
2 K20-5150-LD-1 LiftMaster K20-5150-LD-1 Motor
3 19-5810 LiftMaster 19-5810 #48 Chain Doors 8' to 10'
19-5812 LiftMaster 19-5812 #48 Chain Doors to 12'
19-5814 LiftMaster 19-5814 #48 Chain Doors to 14'
4 N/A Door Track
B1 10-10354 LiftMaster 10-10354 Brake Release Arm
B2 10-10355 LiftMaster 10-10355 Solenoid Link
B3 10-10356 LiftMaster 10-10356 Brake Mounting Plate
B4 10-10357 LiftMaster 10-10357 Solenoid Bracket
B5 17-10363 LiftMaster 17-10363 Pulley and Disc Assembly
B6 N/A Compression Spring .360 OD x .045 WD (Available in Complete Brake Kits Only)
B7 22-120 LiftMaster 22-120 115V Brake Solenoid
22-240 LiftMaster 22-240 230V Brake Solenoid
B8 31-10364 LiftMaster 31-10364 Spacer .20 I.D. x .260 O.D. x 1
B9 75-10359 LiftMaster 75-10359 Brake Plate Pad Assembly
B10 82-NH25-03 LiftMaster 82-NH25-03 1/4-20x03" HS SSCR, KCP, ST
B11 86-CP05-108 LiftMaster 86-CP05-108 Cotter Pin 5/32" x 1-1/2"
C1 10-10166 LiftMaster 10-10166 Clutch Plate
C2 11-10320 LiftMaster 11-10320 Clutch Shaft
C3 12-10029 LiftMaster 12-10029 Bearing 3/4" I.D.
C4 15-48B10GXX LiftMaster 15-48B10GXX Sprocket 1/3 & 1/2 HP
C5 16-4L290 LiftMaster 16-4L290 Cogged Belt
C6 17-10336 LiftMaster 17-10336 4L Pulley 7" O.D.
C7 18-10164 LiftMaster 18-10164 Clutch Spring 1/3 and 1/2 HP
C8 39-10167 LiftMaster 39-10167 Clutch Disc
C9 84-SH-76 LiftMaster 84-SH-76 Castle Nut 3/4-16"
C10 86-CP04-112 LiftMaster 86-CP04-112 Cotter Pin, 1/8" x 1-3/4" Zinc Plated
C11 86-RP08-102 LiftMaster 86-RP08-102 Roll Pin 1/4" Dia.x1-1/8"
C12 86-RP08-200 LiftMaster 86-RP08-200 Roll Pin 1/4" x 2"
C13 87-P-075 LiftMaster 87-P-075 Push on Fastener
C14 85-FW-75 LiftMaster 85-FW-75 Flat Washer 3/4"
H1 10-10203 LiftMaster 10-10203 Curved Arm
H2 10-10204 LiftMaster 10-10204 Door Bracket
H3 10-10205 LiftMaster 10-10205 Header Bracket
H4 11-10130 LiftMaster 11-10130 Header Pivot Pin
H5 75-10170 LiftMaster 75-10170 Slider Assembly
H6 75-10174 LiftMaster 75-10174 Front Idler Assembly
H7 75-10214 LiftMaster 75-10214 Straight Arm Assembly
H8 K75-10259 LiftMaster K75-10259 Tracker Spacer
O1 11-10319 LiftMaster 11-10319 Output Shaft
O2 12-10029 LiftMaster 12-10029 Bearing 3/4" I.D.
O3 15-48B10GXX LiftMaster 15-48B10GXX Sprocket 1/3 and 1/2 HP
O4 15-48B10G1 LiftMaster 15-48B10G1 Sprocket 41B10x3/4
O5 15-48B24GXX LiftMaster 15-48B24GXX Sprocket 48B24x3/4"
O6 19-48027M LiftMaster 19-48027M Chain #48x27 Links with Master
O7 19-48033M LiftMaster 19-48033M Limit Chain #48x33 Pitches
O8 86-RP08-102 LiftMaster 86-RP08-102 Roll Pin 1/4" Dia.x1-1/8"
O9 87-P-075 LiftMaster 87-P-075 Push on Fastener

LiftMaster Model MT BMT Medium-Duty Trolley Operator Parts