LiftMaster SL3000UL Gate Opener Parts

Part # Description
K77-39431 LiftMaster K77-39431 Cover
K76-37306 LiftMaster K76-37306 Limit Switch Assembly
K15-35B13AXR LiftMaster K15-35B13AXR Limit Switch Sprocket
K13-32087 LiftMaster K13-32087 RPM Cup
K13-32087 LiftMaster K13-32087 RPM Encoder Board
K23-50099 LiftMaster K23-50099 Limit Switch
K19-35056 LiftMaster K19-35056 Limit Switch Chain
K15-41B25LGH LiftMaster K15-41B25LGH Drive Sprocket
K15-35B17LGF LiftMaster K15-35B17LGF Limit Switch Drive Sprocket
K75-50090 LiftMaster K75-50090 Idler Pulley with Hardware
K32-37349 LiftMaster K32-37349 Gear Reducer and Brake
K21-14182 LiftMaster K21-14182 Replacement 1PH Dual-Voltage Transformer, 115/230 Volts, 20Va
K94-37461 LiftMaster K94-37461 Alarm with Harness
K77-37638 LiftMaster K77-37638 Antenna and Coaxial Cable
K29C-65AU2415 LiftMaster K29C-65AU2415 Capacitor
K17-50095 LiftMaster K17-50095 Gear Pulley
K16-4L360 LiftMaster K16-4L360 Drive Belt (1 HP Only)
K16-4L230 LiftMaster K16-4L230 Drive Belt (1/2 HP Only)
K17-50098 LiftMaster K17-50098 Motor Pulley
K20-1050B-1RSX LiftMaster K20-1050B-1RSX Motor 1/2 HP
K73-37199 LiftMaster K73-37199 Chassis
K75-37300-1 LiftMaster K75-37300-1 Electrical Box Assembly
K77-37710 LiftMaster K77-37710 Brake Assembly
K77-37709 LiftMaster K77-37709 Junction Box with On/Off Switch and Receptacle
K1D8387-1CC LiftMaster K1D8387-1CC Expansion Board
K1D8402-1CC LiftMaster K1D8402-1CC Power Board - 1 Phase
K1D6761-1CC LiftMaster K1D6761-1CC Control Board
K13-34729 LiftMaster K13-34729 Dust Guard