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LiftMaster SL3000UL Gate Opener Parts

We make LiftMaster SL3000UL commercial gate operator repairs easier with click-to-buy illustrated parts charts and low LiftMaster SL3000UL replacement parts prices. Our Exploded Parts View (EPV) diagrams at North Shore Commercial Door illustrate how replacement parts fit together on your high-traffic commercial gate controller. If you don't know a part number, this interactive diagram shows the part number, description and price by simply using your cursor to hover over the illustration of the part.

Replace a limit switch, motor or encoder board. We have LiftMaster replacement gate operator dual-voltage transformers, alarm assemblies and antennas with coaxial cable included. Browse our inventory to buy a new LiftMaster gear reducer and brake or replace a drive belt or motor pulley. We have LiftMaster junction boxes, power boards and electrical box assemblies that are compatible with your model SL3000UL LiftMaster gate operator. With our large U.S. parts warehouse and more than 30 years of industry expertise, North Shore Commercial Door specializes in quick turnarounds on every order and we guarantee your satisfaction.
Part # Description
K77-39431 LiftMaster K77-39431 Cover
K76-37306 LiftMaster K76-37306 Limit Switch Assembly
K15-35B13AXR LiftMaster K15-35B13AXR Limit Switch Sprocket
K13-32087 LiftMaster K13-32087 RPM Cup
K13-32087 LiftMaster K13-32087 RPM Encoder Board
K23-50099 LiftMaster K23-50099 Limit Switch
K19-35056 LiftMaster K19-35056 Limit Switch Chain
K15-41B25LGH LiftMaster K15-41B25LGH Drive Sprocket
K15-35B17LGF LiftMaster K15-35B17LGF Limit Switch Drive Sprocket
K75-50090 LiftMaster K75-50090 Idler Pulley with Hardware
K32-37349 LiftMaster K32-37349 Gear Reducer and Brake
K21-14182 LiftMaster K21-14182 Replacement 1PH Dual-Voltage Transformer, 115/230 Volts, 20Va
K94-37461 LiftMaster K94-37461 Alarm with Harness
K77-37638 LiftMaster K77-37638 Antenna and Coaxial Cable
K29C-65AU2415 LiftMaster K29C-65AU2415 Capacitor
K17-50095 LiftMaster K17-50095 Gear Pulley
K16-4L360 LiftMaster K16-4L360 Drive Belt (1 HP Only)
K16-4L230 LiftMaster K16-4L230 Drive Belt (1/2 HP Only)
K17-50098 LiftMaster K17-50098 Motor Pulley
K20-1050B-1RSX LiftMaster K20-1050B-1RSX Motor 1/2 HP
K73-37199 LiftMaster K73-37199 Chassis
K75-37300-1 LiftMaster K75-37300-1 Electrical Box Assembly
K77-37710 LiftMaster K77-37710 Brake Assembly
K77-37709 LiftMaster K77-37709 Junction Box with On/Off Switch and Receptacle
K1D8387-1CC LiftMaster K1D8387-1CC Expansion Board
K1D8402-1CC LiftMaster K1D8402-1CC Power Board - 1 Phase
K1D6761-1CC LiftMaster K1D6761-1CC Control Board
K13-34729 LiftMaster K13-34729 Dust Guard