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LiftMaster K79-16088 LGO Circuit Board

Liftmaster K79-16088 LGO Circuit Board
Liftmaster K79-16088 LGO Circuit Board
Liftmaster K79-16088 LGO Circuit Board
Liftmaster K79-16088 LGO Circuit Board
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Item# K79-16088
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Liftmaster K79-16088 LGO Circuit Board
Liftmaster K79-16088 LGO Circuit Board
Product Description
If your commercial garage door system is not working properly, it is not only a safety hazard for your commercial space; it can also affect your commercial operations. As the brain of your commercial door system, the circuit board may be to blame for your system’s malfunctions. Fortunately, replacing your circuit board is a simple and economical way to restore your system’s functionality. As a leader in garage door opener systems and parts, North Shore Commercial Door carries an extensive selection of replacement logic boards.

Typical problems due to a faulty circuit board include:
Unresponsive keypads
Unresponsive or erratic remotes
Inconsistent or unresponsive sensors

The LiftMaster 79-16088 replacement circuit board is compatible with LiftMaster LGO commercial operators. LGO operators are commonly used for industrial sectional door applications, and ensuring your door’s proper functioning is crucial for commercial safety and operations. It is important to remember that a non-functioning LiftMaster LGO garage door opener is not only an inconvenience; it is also dangerous. To ensure our problem is quickly resolved, we typically ship your replacement logic board in one business day.

Many times, a faulty circuit board is due to power surges and lightning strikes. In industrial settings, it’s important to protect your replacement LiftMaster 79-16088 from power surges to ensure lasting functionality. For this reason, we recommend using a 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector to safeguard your replacement. With correct installation and programming, your commercial LGO system will quickly return to flawless operation. To ensure your system is installed safely, the safety reversal system should be tested numerous times. If the safety reversal system operates inconsistently once a new circuit board is installed, a professional should be contacted.
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COMMENT: Best price and availability! by Scott P 8/25/2017
COMMENT: because mine failed by Richard M 5/6/2017
QUESTION: My part # reads 41A5021-D but looks exactly like your41A5021-5I. Could this be the same part? Enlarging your photo looks like the same thing. by Joe D 8/27/2015
STAFF ANSWER: This is the same model Liftmaster updates there model quite often when they update this one should work just fine for you. by Matthew O a