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LiftMaster Keyless Entry

Liftmaster Keyless Entry

If you've decided to replace your existing LiftMaster keyless entry or buy an additional one, North Shore Commercial Door carries the products that you need. LiftMaster is a trusted name in garage door openers and makes their products to a high standard. If you've been seeking a way to access your garage from the outside without a remote transmitter that you keep in your car, or if you're prone to losing your keys, then a keyless entry opener is perfect for you. These reduced price items are ideal for a simple mode of entry: simply use a code to enter your garage from the inside or out.

Find the product that matches the frequency of the garage door opener that you already own to get started. North Shore Commercial Door carries ALL existing models of LiftMaster products that make the functioning of a garage door painless. Their products are great for businesses, whether private or public. If you need assistance choosing the appropriate keypad or are looking for an unlisted model, call us at 440-365-5707 or email