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Liftmaster LA100 Swing Gate Operator

Liftmaster LA100 Swing Gate Operator
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LiftMaster operators are intended to be installed by an Authorized Dealer. Please contact us directly and we can recommend an Authorized Installing Dealer.
This item is discontinued.
Please view this replacement item:
Ranger 500 Series Swing Gate Operator w/LCR Radio Controls by USAutomatic
This item is discontinued. Please view this replacement item:
Product Description
This kit includes the Liftmaster LA100 swing gate operator, 373 LM 3 button remote, built in receiver, actuator, control box, transformer, and pushbutton with gang box.

Residential duty DC motor provides exceptional starting torque and features soft start / soft stop operation. This promotes longer gate and operator life, as well as dependable performance. The LA100 is capable of operating gates up to 12ft. long and weighing up to 250 lbs.

Electronic Features:

On-Board Radio Receiver

DC Operator System

Slow Start / Stop

Inherent Obstructing Sensing

External Obstructing Sensing

Control Inputs


LED Indicators

Electronic Limit System

Mechanical Features:Manual Release

Optional Features:

Transmitters and Keypads Photo-Eyes
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: need it for my 4' front metal gate home by Abe S 5/28/2013
COMMENT: Excellent quality; compact size; reliable, quiet operation; offers security. It's perfect for a residential side gate. by John E 4/2/2013
QUESTION: is it my q compatable ? by scott r 10/25/2014
ANSWER: Not sure, I would recommend you call them. These guys are extremely knowledgable! by M I a
QUESTION: Is there a lock that works w/ this gate opener, or do i have to use a mechanical lock? by Anne P 3/11/2014
ANSWER: I have seen an add-on electronic lock. I don't have the part number. by John E a
ANSWER: Mechanical. by M I a
QUESTION: 2 Questions:<br />1. Does this require a car battery or can you plug it into the wall and if so is the plug included?<br />2. I have the lift master 3/4 garage opener with the silver 3 button remote. Can it be programed to work this product? by Asa B 10/27/2013
STAFF ANSWER: This LA100 if for gates. Does not require a car battery. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: I dont know. You should contact a dealer who is willing to answer your questions and concerns. by Ron H a
QUESTION: my gate is 16' long but weighs less than 250 lbs, can this system be used for that? by Stan G 10/21/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Yes, as long as your gate is a swing gate. by Matthew O a