Linear Mega Code ACT-31B ACP00879 Mini Gate or Garage Door Opener Remote

Linear Mega Code ACT-31B ACP00879 Mini  Gate or Garage Door Opener Remote

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Item# ACT-31B
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Linear Mega Code ACT-31B ACP00879 Mini Gate or Garage Door Opener Remote
Linear Mega Code ACT-31B ACP00879 Mini  Gate or Garage Door Opener Remote
Product Description
If you have a Linear access control product, you need an ACT-31B 1-channel block coded key ring transmitter from North Shore Commercial Door. This transmitter operates using the MegaCode format, so it's factory-programmed with one of more than 1,000,000 codes; the receiver learns the code, and that means nobody can gain access by reprogramming it.

An innovative, 10-second time-out feature prevents the system from being shut down by one transmitter continuously. The ACT-31B comes with a quick-disconnect key ring and lithium batteries designed to last for up to five years. This miniature 1-channel garage door opener is:
  • Compatible with Linear access receivers and controllers that use the MegaCode format
  • Operates on a 318 MHz frequency
  • Measures 1.25 inches wide, 2.25 inches high and 0.48 inches deep
Because the Linear ACT-31B 1-channel block-coded key ring transmitter is factory programmed, it's simple to use and difficult to hack. It provides you with an amazingly high level of security without any downsides.
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COMMENT: the size and convenience of keeping it on my key chain by catherine z 7/27/2017
COMMENT: For a Project by EMANUEL R 7/21/2017
QUESTION: Is the key chain style easy to break? by apple C 2/2/2017
ANSWER: No by Brett h a
ANSWER: I've had my keychain for a couple of years now and it's in and out of my purse several times a day. It still works perfectly. I've had no problems with it what so ever. by marty s a
ANSWER: It comes with a detachable linkage which is made of plastic but has held up with no signs of problems for 2 years now. The actual fob itself is solid, as are the metal key rings. by Jason W a
QUESTION: Our condo gate opener is a "MD07007" model MT-1B and has imprinted 217528 A, will this key chain remote work ? by Gary B 7/3/2016
STAFF ANSWER: No it will not. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: I lost one of my ACT-31B remote. Can I program a Linear ACT-31B remote using an existing ACT-31B remote? I live in a condo, so replacing a remote is a bit costly. Thank you. by Van S 5/26/2016
ANSWER: you may but how will you program the clicker without the program? by Angie B a
ANSWER: No you need to program it from the receiver by entering program mode and assigning the remote code number on the back to the receiver. by stephen l a
QUESTION: The Linear MDT-1A part number DNT00052A will be compatible with the Linear ACT-21A key ring remote control? or any key chain remote control? I am looking for something small. by Luisaliz R 2/24/2016
STAFF ANSWER: That will work they both run on same frequency! by Taylor M a
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