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Linear Mega Code MGT DNT00068 Gate Safety Edge Transmitter

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Linear MGT gate safety edge transmitters can save you countless headaches. It's designed to sense obstacles in the way of gates, doors and barrier arms that are part of a Linear access control system. Plus, they're incredibly easy to use. At North Shore Commercial Door, we understand how important it is to have something that provides unparalleled security without breaking your budget; that's why we carry the Linear MegaCode MGT DNT00068 gate safety edge transmitter.

As the industry's only fully supervised gate safety edge transmitter, the Linear MegaCode MGT even sends an hourly status report to the access controller that indicates the battery condition and whether the unit is operational. It comes in a weather-resistant fiberglass box, and its circuit board is coated with a protectant against weather damage. You can mount the Linear MegaCode MGT to a gate, door or barrier arm with its sealed interior mounting screws, which are included with the unit. This innovative transmitter runs on two 2450 lithium batteries and operates at 318 MHz.