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Linear MH 5011 Medium Duty 1/2 HP Jackshaft Commercial Door Operator

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This item is discontinued.
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PowerMaster Model H Door Operator for Sectional Doors and Rolling Service Doors & Grilles
This item is discontinued. Please view this replacement item:
Product Description

For excellent performance and top-notch construction, it’s tough to beat the Linear MH 5011 jackshaft operator. At North Shore Commercial Door, you can get this amazing product tailored to your needs. Order this jackshaft garage door operator with or without add-ons like safety beams and remote radio controls. You can use the MH 5011 jackshaft operator with rolling steel curtain doors. To get fast answers about this product, use our "Questions" app below.

Safety beams and remote radio controls are optional

Solid-state circuit used for controls

All-steel frame

Extraneous reversing devices accepted

Floor-level disconnect for manual door operation

Solenoid brake standard

Motor overload protection prevents overheating and malfunction

Limit switch located internally and offer adjustable settings

1/2 HP, rigid-base, permanent-split capacitor motor

24-Volt control circuit features three distinct action buttons: OPEN, CLOSE and STOP

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Ask a Question
QUESTION: Does the MH 5011 have a floor level disconnect? Or any other way to open the door manually? by WAYNE W 7/1/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it does. by Matthew O a
REPLY: To use a MH 5011 opener to open a 13' X 14' insulated Colplay 1.5 inch thick door, does the shaft have to be any more than a one inch pipe? by WAYNE W r
QUESTION: What would you say is the max weight this opener can lift?<br />My door is a metal 10'x 10' roll-up.<br />It is hard to roll up. by John P 1/21/2015
ANSWER: they were just replaced a year ago. but i will check the tension on them again thanks by Donald J W a
ANSWER: john , The door size is 20' long by 14' high. and the clutch seems like it is slipping after putting more tension on the nut ! It opens yet but still seems like it is slipping a little by Donald J W a
STAFF ANSWER: it will handle a door that size no problem. if the door is hard to roll up please be sure to check your torsion springs. They may need to be replaced. by Matthew O a
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