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Liftmaster J 5011L4 Industrial-Duty Jackshaft Garage Door Operator W/ Safety Beams

Liftmaster J 5011L4 Industrial-Duty Jackshaft Garage Door Operator W/ Safety Beams
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LiftMaster operators are intended to be installed by an Authorized Dealer. Please contact us directly and we can recommend an Authorized Installing Dealer.
This item is discontinued.
Please view this replacement item:
Liftmaster J Jackshaft Operator - Logic 5
This item is discontinued. Please view this replacement item:
Product Description

For continuous-duty use, the LiftMaster J5011L4 is one of the best commercial garage door openers available today. At North Shore Commercial Door, we make it easy to get the LiftMaster J5011L4 in any size that you need. This high-quality machine includes safety beams as well as a high-starting torque motor. If you’d like to learn more about this product, visit our ’Questions’ app below and get answers directly from other users and our helpful staff.

• Timer-to-close function 1-sec or 15-sec increments with timed automatic door closure.

• Maintenance Alert System™ creates a routine maintenance schedule and includes a self-diagnostic system

• Three-channel, 315MHz radio receiver accepts up to 23 Security+ or unlimited DIP switch remotes

• Diagnostic LEDs speed installation and troubleshooting

• Continuous-duty high-starting torque motor with instant reverse and overload protection

• Adjustable friction clutch included for damage protection

• Emergency disconnect for emergency manual operation

• PosiLock Mechanical Brake System (self-locking mechanical reduction system)

• Includes two-year warranty

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Ask a Question
COMMENT: sized for my door 14 x 20 by james c 12/24/2014
COMMENT: this item was a good price for a great product. by michael h 11/7/2014
QUESTION: ,Where is the learn button so I can program 877max keyless remote? by Kurt S 11/29/2014
ANSWER: it is under the cover on the control panel, there is a small button that says learn. without looking a believe it is more on the right side of the control panel. It is in the owners manual where it is exactly by nick m a
ANSWER: There is a "radio" button on the main control board center left that is used to program the "3-channel, 315 MHz radio receiver that allows you to add as many as 23 Security+ remotes or dip switch remote controls." I don't know specifications on the 877max keyless remote and I don't see it listed as an accessory in my manual. by George S a
ANSWER: The learn button is the radio button by jacob w a
QUESTION: Will this work on a 12x12 Raynor Steel sectional door? by John S 6/14/2014
ANSWER: Should handle it easily if the door is installed properly with the appropriate springs, etc. We use ours on a 11x16 3" foam core door very heavy and it works great by George S a
ANSWER: We used it on 12x14 steel sectional door so yes it will. by Jim B a
ANSWER: Yes it will work I put it on a 12 x 14 by tim b a
ANSWER: YES by jacob w a
ANSWER: We have our Liftmaster on a 14x12 steel door and it works great. We put an amp metermeasures amount of power used on the lead wires, and the door opener was well below full load by nick m a
QUESTION: Will LED lamps effect the radio receiver ability to work correctly? I have heard that this may be the case. If so, is there a solution? Thank you. Jack by Jack X 4/22/2014
ANSWER: I don't know from personal experience since I am not using the radio receiver on my Lift Master J5011L4 opener. From a technical point of view, I doubt LEDs would cause a problem for a couple reasons - the main control board has several LEDs on it that must not cause any problems or they wouldn't be on it, and from an electro magnetic perspective metal halide and fluorescent lights have a much higher output due to their ballasts than LEDs do. <br />I am using LED bulbs in my home Lift Master door opener different model with no problems.<br />Hope this helps,<br />George by George S a
STAFF ANSWER: That issue should not affect the radio controls at all. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Would one of these units work on a carwash entrsnce door? by Dave C 1/22/2014
STAFF ANSWER: We do have units specifically designed for car washes. Please call our sales staff at 440-366-6112 by Matthew O a
ANSWER: The short answer is yes. It is working fine on the exit door of my inbay automatic. We ran the jackshaft through the wall into the equipment room so the opener is in where it is warm and dry. Years ago we had openers in the bay. They didn't like the moisture very much - contacts, terminals, etc get corroded fairly quickly. Let me know if any other questions. by George S a
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