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Liftmaster MODEL LGJ Light-Duty Gear-Reduced Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster MODEL  LGJ Light-Duty Gear-Reduced Jackshaft Garage Door Opener
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LiftMaster operators are intended to be installed by an Authorized Dealer. Please contact us directly and we can recommend an Authorized Installing Dealer.
This item is discontinued.
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Liftmaster MGJ 5011U Garage Door Opener Medium-Duty Gear-Reduced Jackshaft Operator
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Product Description

Need a new door opener for your rolling grilles or shutters? Choose the LiftMaster Garage Opener Model LJ light-duty jackshaft operator. At North Shore Commercial Door, we offer this high-quality product for a wide variety of door sizes to accommodate your needs. This LiftMaster garage opener includes a number of advanced features, including an internal door lock sensing circuit and floor-level disconnect for emergency manual operation. Learn more about this product by using our "Questions" app below.

Three-button control station with 24VAC control circuit

Solid-state control and motor drive

High starting torque motor with overload protection (removable without affecting limit switches)

Long-life dry type capacitor

Heavy-duty wormgear-in-oil-bath speed reducer

Prewired to accept sensing devices

Fully adjustable linear driven limit switch mechanism

Comes with two-year warranty

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